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"Here's your prenatal vitamins. Take at least one a day and make sure to keep your stress levels down" Dr DeLaCruz explained.

I simply nodded at her trying to avoid eye contact with Nya .

"Let's go" Nya spoke up.

I gathered all my things and made my way towards the door. It was complete awkward silence between me and Nya as we made our way to the lobby.

We left out the hospital and continued on to her car since my mom left me.

We got in and I could just feel the tension.

"We're you ever going to tell me" Nya said

"Nya I couldn't " I said ashamed .
She shook her head before responding.

"How long have you two been messing around" she asked.

"Nya you got it all wrong. It was a one time thing" I said.

She looked at me telling me to go on.

"I went out one night to clear my head. And then these two guys approached me and began to feel all over me. That's when Maleek spotted them and he helped me.. Next thing you know , we end up going to his house and we got drunk" I said .

She just sat there and didn't say anything.

"Nya please don't be mad . I couldn't bring myself to tell you. I didn't want to loose you as a friend. You're my bestfriend Nya, I couldn't risk it." I continued on.

"Ori, you wouldn't have lost me. Sure I'm a little upset at the fact that you lied . But I would never end our relationship ." She said as she reached over and hugged me.

"Now stop all that damn crying" she smiled.

I gently chuckled and hugged her again.

"I guess I gotta be extra nice to you since you're carrying my niece or nephew. I can't wait to see Maleek's face when I tell him" she ranted.

"Nya no" I said .

She sighed . "Orianna , you have to tell him" she said

"I know, it's just that... I don't know. I want to wait... Just please don't say anything yet"I said her.

"Fine" she sighed as she began to drive.

"Can we go to your house , I can't face my mom right now" I asked.

"Yeah . Just let her know your alright " she said.

The drive to her house was silent. I couldn't get over the fact that I actually had a human being growing inside of me, but what haunted me the most was the fact that I barley know anything about the father.

My thoughts were interrupted as the car came to a stop.

"Let's go" Nya said.

We made our way to the front door and went inside.

"Mom, I'm home ! Ori's with me" she screamed out.

"In the kitchen hunny" she yelled back

We both made our way to the kitchen.

"Hey Ori , Nya told me you had fainted. You alright sweetheart" she asked sweetly.

"Yeah, just a simple case of dehydration" I
lied earning a look from Nya.

"You better-" her mom was cut off.

"Aye Ma, there ain't no toilet paper left" I heard a familiar voice yell.

"Excuse my son Ori he has no manners" she laughed .

"Boy hush that mess up" she yelled back.

I heard his footsteps getting closer and I panicked. I hadn't seen him since that night and honestly I didn't want to see him right now.

"I'm just saying" he said finally making it all the way into the kitchen.

We made eye contact and he awkwardly smiled. "Ori .. Right?" He said acting as if he didn't remember .

"You know damn well what her name is " Nya mumbled earning a look from her mother.

"Yes, it's Orianna actually" I said

"I remember " he said as he broke eye contact.

"So what you cooking ma" he said Changing the subject.

"You'll find out once it's done. Now gon' somewhere " she said.

"Ori, you staying" she asked .

"No ma'am, just stopping by to say hello" I lied .

"Well I'm going to take her home" Nya announced.

"See yall later" Maleek said.

We walked out the door and went to the car.

"Ori, I didn't know he was going to be there" Nya explained.

"It's alright "I mumbled .

"Look Ori, I know your upset about every thing but look at the good side of things. A child is a blessing whether you believe it or not " she said.

"I know, I'm just scared ya'know ? I'm 18, without a stable job, and I don't know the first thing about caring for a child" I said.

"Ori, my brother isn't going to leave you hangin'. We were raised to take care of our responsibilities and I know he'll do just that . I just advise you to tell him sooner than later" she explained.

"Nya, what about your mom. What will she think .. I mean he's 24 for gods sake... I'm so stupid " I mumbled on.

"No, your not Ori . You were just in a vulnerable state and made a life changing decision . It's just as much his fault as it is yours" she said .

I wiped the tears from my eyes and just listened.

"Thanks for the pep talk Nya , I really needed that" I said noticing we had made it to my house.

"No problem , that's what's bestfriends are for "she said hugging me.

"Take care of aunties baby and good luck with your mom" she said as she waved goodbye.

I made my way to the door and went inside.

Pray for me y'all.

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