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I woke up only to find ol girl sleeping next to me and immediately last night events flooded my mind.

Carefully sliding out her bed , I grabbed my boxers , jeans and t-shirt and put them on.

Glancing at my phone, I realized I had 36 missed calls. 22 from Orianna, 10 from my
mom and 6 from Nya.

"Shit. I fucked up bad." I thought to myself.

Quietly, I opened her door and left.

"I don't even remember driving here " I thought to myself when I notice my car sitting out front.

Recognizing the area, I got in and made my way home .

It was only 4 in the morning so I quietly creeped inside the house.

Noticing Orianna wasn't awake, I slid in the bathroom and took a shower, erasing all evidence of last night.

The guilt was slowly starting to set in. I didn't mean last night to happen, but when you drunk, got an attractive woman throwing herself at you and been deprived of sex for about 5 months, temptation can be a real bitch.

All though I respected Orianna's wishes about not being intimate for a while, five months is a long ass time.

Getting out the shower, I dried myself off and slid on my boxers .

Making my way in the room I notice Orianna spread out on our bed .

As soon as I sat laid down Orianna rolled over.

"Maleek" she asked .

"Yeah, go back to sleep baby" I said .

"Where were you, everyone was worried"she asked with her eyes still closed.

"We'll talk in the morning. Get some sleep" I said avoiding her question.

She kissed me two times on my neck and fell back asleep.

Things were too good between us for me to
mention the shit that happened last night, and it was going to stay that way.

What she doesn't know won't hurt her.


I woke up to the smell of food cooking.

Getting up , and going downstairs, I seen Orianna in the kitchen with nothing on but a Nike sports bra and some shorts.

Sneaking up behind her, I grabbed her waist causing her to jump .

"What the hell" she yelled dropping a spatula causing me to laugh .

"What your young ass know about cooking " I asked.

She rolled her eyes. She hated when I bought up her age. It made her feel "like a child ".

"The real question is, where the hell was you last night. Had everyone worried" she said smacking me on my bare chest.

"Me and the guys just stayed out late, that's all" I said making up a quick lie.

She looked at me skeptically .

"I'll call next time" I said kissing her .

Surprisingly she deepened the kiss. Pulling me closer, she slid her small hands under my shirt.

Feeling myself rise I pulled away.

"Ori what are you doing" I said

"I'm ready" she responded

"Ori, you ain't got-" she cut me off.

"Maleek , I want to. " she said looking me in my eyes.

She didn't have to say anything else. I turned off the stove and carried her upstairs into our room.

We made love for hours and was actually able to remember it this time.

After this, there's no way I could tell her about last night.

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