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I panicked as I grabbed the nearest pair of pants and slide.

"Maleek" she whined on the phone.

"Ori calm down, is your mom there" I asked rushing out the door hopping in the car.

"No she went out.. Please hurry I'm scared " it sounded like she was on the verge of crying .

"Okay I'm coming.. Just breathe"

I heard her breathing get harder and harder which caused me to speed up .

10 minutes later I pulled up to her house and ran to the door.

"Shit it's locked" I said more to myself.

I guess she heard me at the door because she soon yelled .

"There's a key under the plant" she said sounding like she was in pain.

This shit is dangerous, I thought grabbing the key and running inside. I stopped when I seen Ori layed down on the couch. She must have walked down stairs.

I rushed over to her helping  her up.

"Com'on I said helping her up by her waist" I paused when I heard her giggling.

"What's funny" I asked confused. Isn't she suppose to be in pain?

"What do you have On? " she asked me

I looked down at my attire at noticed how badly matched I was.

I chuckled but stopped when Ori jumped again.

"Alright, let's go now" she said clutching her stomach .

I finally made it to the car, and we began to drive to the hospital.

"Shit " I hear her mumble squeezing the armrest on the seat.

"Did you call my mom" She asked sounding like she was pain.

"No, I'll call when we get to the hospital"

I looked at her noticing she was silently crying.

"It hurt so bad" she cried.

"We're almost there " I said speeding .

We finally arrived at the hospital and I rushed to her side helping her out the side.

I rushed in the doors and grabbed the nearest wheel chair I seen.

"Excuse me ma'am, my girl in labor we need Dr Delacruz" I said impatiently.

"Ok , sign in and-"

"CALL DR DELACRUZ" Orianna gritted out in pain.

"Ma'am" I cut her off by bombarding through the double doors and went to the nearest elevator and made our way up to her room.

"Maleek what-"

She stopped when she seen Ori behind me.

"It must be time " she said wheeling Orianna to the nearest operation area.

I watched silently as 2 more doctors rushed towards Ori.

I was literally shaking in the inside. I knew eventually this time was going to come, but it seems as if it came too fast.

"Well Ori, your about 8 centimeters dilated which means you've been in labor for quite some time now" Dr Delacruz explained.

"Once you hit 10, we'll be able to push. How ever, you are able to receive an epidural to ease the pain" she continued.

"No , " Ori shook her head.

"I want to do it all natural" she continued.

"Alright then missy, we should be ready in about a hour" she said exiting the room.

I moved closer to her bed.

"You good" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm good" she said continuing her breathing.

"Look Ori, I know what happened between us-" she cut me off.

"Now is not the time Maleek. I just want to give birth to my daughter in a peaceful environment without any tension" she said .

"I can respect that... So you excited to meet Melina" I asked her changing the subject.

A wide smile spread on her face.

"I am. I admit I was scared shitless at first, but I can't wait to meet our daughter. " she continued.

We continued to make small talk until Nya, Ms Rodriguez and my mother barged in the room.

"Aw shit, my baby almost here" Nya shouted causing everyone to glare at her.

Orianna slightly chuckled and shook her head. Through all this, you could tell she was in pain, but she did a damn good job at hiding it.

"How you feeling Mija" Ms Rodriguez asked.

"Like shit. Excuse my language mom, but it's the truth" she gritted out.

"I remember these days, pushing Nya and Maleek Big ass heads out" my mom continued .

Time went by and before you know it, Dr's had arrived and prepared everyone for the birth.

"Ok Ori your already crowning, I just need you to push" The Dr explained .

She pushed as hard as she could before she stopped and busted out in tears.

"I can't do this" she cried.

I immediately went by her side, and took a risk by kissing her forhead.

"Baby, we can see her head, you just got to keep pushing" I said grabbing her hand.

She began to push again twice as hard along with squeezing the nerves out my hands.

Before you know it, the room was surrounded with loud cries, causing my heart rate to speed up.

I looked down to see the most palest, yet most beautiful baby girl.

My daughter, Melina Fasiane Cole.

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