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Today, since me and Chelsea were just two weeks apart in our pregnancy, we decided to do a little bit of baby shopping.

We were both excited that we were both welcoming baby girls into the world, and that they would be close in age. However, I think Chance yearned for a little boy, and Kylee was just happy to be a big sister.

Right now, I was attempting to get ready while Maleek rubbed cocoa butter on my 5 month belly.

"Aye hold up" he said looking up at me strangely.

"What" I giggled.

"You ain't feel -" before he could even finish, I felt a pressure on my lower abdomen.

"She's kicking" I smiled.

"Don't that hurt" Maleek asked.

"It's a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt " I said as I felt another kick.

He just stared at me.

"Help me up creep" I said reaching for his hands.

He pulled me up and I continued to get dressed.

"I'm taking your car" I said .

"The hell you ain't, you know you can barley drive " he responded.

"Please baby daddy" I said giving him a look I knew he wouldn't say no to.

"Man here, don't fuck up my shit Ori" he said while scoffing .

"Thank you" I said pecking his lips.

I went outside and got in the car. After about 20 minutes of driving, I had finally made it to the mall.

I searched around looking for Chelsea but my searching came to a stop when I heard a familiar voice scream.

"Auntie O, over here!" I heard Kylee yell.

I made my way over there and hugged Chelsea .

"Hi auntie O" Kylee said hugging my waist tightly.

Over these past few weeks, me and Kylee had created a strong bond with one another .

"Hey baby girl, your been helping mommy and your baby sister?" I asked.

"Always! Like yesterday, mommy was crying because all the cookies were gone so me a daddy went and bought her some and she was happy again" she said excitedly .

I looked over at Chelsea and laughed .

"Man, Ori you understand what it was" she said playfully rolling her eyes.

"Com'on lets go" I said motioning for them to follow me.
After several hours , we were still shopping.

"Mommy , I'm hungry " Kylee whined for the a millionth time today.

"Holdon baby, 5 more minutes" she responded still looking at the rack of baby materials"

"Auntie O, tell her let's go" she began to throw a tantrum.

"Kylee , get up and stop acting a fool" Chelsea scolded her.

"Com'on Orianna , let me go get her something to eat.

We left the mall and made our way to Olive Garden. We all had already ordered and now we were sitting down.

"So how are things going with long head ass boy?" Chelsea questioned causing me to blush.

"You don't even have to answer that, the look on your face tells me everything" she continued.

"Shut up Chelsea " I laughed.

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