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I was sleep on my Mamas couch until I heard the door slam.

"Damn Nya , who pissed in your Cheerios" I joked.

She scoffed in response .

"Where's Orianna " I asked.

"I bet you would want to know where she's at" she responded.

"What's that supposed mean" I asked.

"Maleek, stop playing dumb . I already know what went down between you and Ori " she said.

"Man Nya , look.. We was drunk- it was a one time-"

"Save the explanation, Ori already told me everything " she said.

"I really don't care if yall pursue a relationship. I just wish yall could have told me" she said as she rolled her eyes.

"There ain't no relationship Nya , I swear . I don't even like her like that" I responded.

"Well you better learn to like her. You really ain't got no choice now " she said irritably .

"What's that supposed to mean" I said .

"Nope, that's between you and her" she said walking away.

"Man whatever I'm out " I said leaving out my mamas door.

As I made my way to the car I looked at my phone and seen I had text from an unknown number.

"Unknown: Can we talk?

"Who's this "I texted back.

"orianna" she replied minutes later .

"Look, if this about what went down, I ain't trying to hear all that. Im sorry , but I didn't know you were a virgin" I texted back.

"Look, I really need to talk to you" she responded.

I sighed before texting her back "Ok, I'll pick ya up around 8" I texted back before putting my phone away.

I ain't gon' lie and act like I don't care about what happened , but I ain't loosing sleep about it. This is exactly why I don't mess with virgins. They become to damn clingy.

I sighed and pulled off in my car making my way over to Chance's place. About 10 minutes later , I pulled up to his house and got out.

"Nigga open the door "I said as I banged on the door.

"Ooooh, uncle said a bad word" I heard Ky say before the door opened.

"Uncle ain't said nothing" I said picking her up tickling her.

"Stop in Uncle Leek" she screamed while laughing. I put her down and went inside.

"What's good man" I said to Chance.

"Chelsea's ass killing me" he sighed.

As on que, Chelsea came down screaming.

"Is that how you feel about me, "she said yelling.

"Well guess what you get on my damn nerves too" she yelled.

"Man , Chelsea gon' somewhere with all that. Don't you see we got company .. And don't forget our daughter is upstairs ." He responded .

She just stomped away with tears clouding her vision .

"Yall a mess" I laughed.

"Man I swea' she pregnant . All these mood swings don't make no sense." He said.

"Just ask her about it" I suggested .

"I ain't gotta ask, I already know she is. I'm just waiting for her to figure that shit out" he said

I just laughed in response.

"What you come over here for" he said.

"Damn, I cant chill with you" I laughed .

"Man whatever, grab the remote." He said referring to his x box remote.

About two hours later , we had finished playing 2K and I was getting ready to go and meet Ori.

"Nigga, where you goin" Chance asked.

"Mind your business .. " I said .

"Man whatever get out my house then" he laughed .

I made my way to my car and went to go pick up Ori .

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