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I hadn't heard from Maleek since he stormed out his aunts house five days ago and for some strange reason, a part of me was extremely worried. I'd usually hear from him at least four times a day, and I was starting to think something had happened.

I was only worried for the sake of my child. I knew how it felt to grow up with out a father and I didn't want my child going through the same thing I did.

Besides that, Chance had also been heavy on my mind. We had been texting and talking ever since . Although we agreed that he would come visit mom, he bailed out.. Deciding it was best to come in the next two weeks, on her birthday. He figured it would be a great topping to the surprise he already had planned.

What was the surprise ? I didn't know.

Whatever it was couldn't amount to getting her son back.

I sat down to watch tv, but as soon as I hit the couch the door bell rings.

Being cautious , I peeked out the window and saw the familiar White Audi.


Although I was slightly irritated with him for going MIA for almost a week, I was also relieved that he was ok.

I answered the door.

"Hey" I said.

"Wussup" he replied cooly.

I stepped aside and let him in. He looked around inspecting the place, probably disgusted at how small it was compared to his home.

"We need to talk" he said making his way over to the couch.

"U-um, okay" I said slightly nervous.

"Why you ain't tell me Chance was your brother" he asked .

"Maleek" I said.

"Answer the question mane" he said slightly raising his voice .

"I didn't know you knew each other okay? I didn't find it necessary to tell you because I hadn't seen him in almost four years " I replied .

He rubbed his chin and sighed.

"That's my nigga man, he ain't gon never get over this shit" he said

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded .
They must be really close for him to be acting like this . I thought to myself.

"How's my baby doing " he said completely changing the subject.

I smiled at that .

"Baby is doing good . I have my 2 month checkup Tommorow actually.. If you want to come you can, but you don't have to" I continued to ramble.

"Imma be there , no doubt . What time" he asked .

"2:00 pm" I responded .

He nodded.

"So what we doing " he asked.

"Excuse me" I questioned playfully.

"I mean I got the rest of the day off , I might as well spend it with my baby mama" he chuckled.

"Well I'm going to chill and watch Netflix all day playa, you welcome to join but you gotta be gone by 5:00" I said.

"Why five. You can't just kick out daddy Maleek " he said.

"For one my moms going to be home at that time ." I responded

He rolled his eyes playfully.

"Aight" he said .

We made our way to my room and turned on the tv.

I sat down on the bed and and he followed.

We watched several movies and made small talk. I noticed we had gradually became closer to one another and before you know it we both fell asleep tangled in each other's warmth.

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