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"Maleek" .....

"Maleek" I heard again.

I knew it was Ori so I decided to act like I didn't hear her. She was only trying to wake me to make a run to some store. This had become a routine over the past few weeks.

She'd wake up in the middle of the night craving something exotic that we didn't normally keep in the house and made me make a run to a local store.

Not this time , it's like 3 in the damn morning.

After a while she stopped calling my name and I heard her struggle to get out the bed.

Hearing car keys , I rolled over.

The inner man in me wouldn't allow my girl, my pregnant girl at that, leave the house this time of night .

"Man what you want Ori " I said causing her to jump.

"You scared me" she said.

"You gon answer the question" I said causing her to screw up her face and roll her eyes.

"I got it, go back to sleep" she said with an attitude.

"Man, I just asked a damn question " I said growing aggravated.

"Well I'm sorry to be such a damn burden on you" she snapped back.

I sighed knowing she was about to cry.

"These damn hormones " I thought to myself.

I got up and made my way towards her.

Wrapping my hands around her waist I pulled her towards me.

"Baby look at me" I said lifting her head up with my index finger.

She wiped her face before looking up.

"You're not a burden " I said pecking her lips .

"And neither is my lil nigga in there" I said rubbing her stomach.

She hit me in my chest and laughed.

"Don't call my baby that" she laughed.

I chuckled. "So you gon' tell me what you want" I said.

"Apple butter and Ritz" she said quickly .

"Alright, I'll be back" I said grabbing my keys and going to my car.

In about 20 minutes I was back with this nasty shit that she wanted.

I made my way to our room only to find her knocked out.

I sighed rubbing my face.

This girl is going to be the death of me. I thought taking off my shirt and sliding back into bed.

Before I knew it, I was out cold along with her.

After finally had waken up we had both decided to get up and head to Babies R Us

Today we decided to add the finishing touch to the nursery . Although a majority of it was done, Ori thought it would be a good I idea to make it more "girly" since I didn't know the gender when I designed it.

"Com'on Ori , grab the damn flower and let's go" I said referring to the wooden flower she been gawking at.

"Shutup Maleek "she responded.

We went around a few more baby aisles picking up random items.

About thirty minutes later we were at home rearranging the nursery.

"Put this one on that shelf" she said handing me the last stuff animal we had bought. She attempted to get up from the floor , but struggled causing me to laugh.

She gave me a death glare.

I laughed and went to help her up .

She stepped back examining the room .

"One last thing" she said waddling to the closet.

She came out with a curtain and hung it
Over the baby's crib.

"Perfect" she spoke more to herself.

"What do you think" she asked.

"It's nice, now can we go eat" I said .

"Maleek, I'm serious. I want to know what you think" she said

"I like it, it's unique. Not the cliche pink theme everyone uses for a girl " I said.

"That's what I was aiming for " she said.

"Let's order pizza now" she continued.


"Where you going" Orianna asked.

"Just out with the guys." I said keeping it simple.

Tonight Chance and a few of the other guys asked me to come out with them. It had been a while since I had been out with the guys.

"Oh. Alright... What are you guys doing" she asked .

"Just going out for a couple of drinks" I said .

"Alright, we'll have fun. "She said slightly smiling .

I went over and pecked her lips.

"Get some sleep" I said before leaving out the house.

I got in my car and drove to club Alanos.

"Making my way inside I instantly spotted my party.

"Aweee shit, Leek Leek in tha house " Jerome , one of our workers yell.

He was drunk.

"Man, shut that gay shit up " I laughed

"What's up mane" Chance dapped me up.

"Im cool" I said.

All of us sat around chillin and cracking jokes for hours.

I continued to laugh as a picked up another drink.

I was officially drunk.

"I'll be back yall" I slurred.

I got up and made my way to the bathroom.

After doing my business, I attempted to leave the bathroom but was stopped by some one.

I looked down to see a petite dark skin girl.

"Where you going so fast "she said slightly pushing up on me.

"My niggas out there" I slurred .

"They can't do what I can do for you" she said pulling me back in the stall.

She began to pull down my pants and grabbed my junk.

"Naw man" I slurred.

She continued to stroke me.

"G-g-get up , I got a g-girl" I slurred again.

But the minute her mouth wrapped around me, it was a wrap.

"Let's get out of here " she said wiping the sides of her mouth .


So if yall didn't know, all my chapters are written in my iPad , so if the text look unorganized , I apologize.

And the nursery is in the MM

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