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I woke up to the smell of food, instantly making me run to the toilet to empty my stomach.

Maleek must have left " I thought to myself as I rinsed my mouth.

I turned to exit out the bathroom but came in contact with someone . I looked up to see Maleek .

"You're still here, what time is it " I panicked.

"Chill, I was in the kitchen with your mom and its 8 o'clock sleepy head" he said.

My mom? Shit.

"Com'on" he grabbed my hand .

I let go instantly,earning a look from him.

He continued on and sat down at our kitchen table.

"You're finally up Mija ," my mom said placing the food on the table .

What the hell is going on. The mom I knew would have been down my throat right now for having a man at the house without her present. Hell, he was in my bed.

"Dinners almost ready , I asked Maleek to stay. I hope that's ok " she asked as she continued to place the food down.

"Uhm, sure ." I said glancing at him.

We all sit down to eat . There was an awkward silence between us all.

"Maleek, was telling me how excited he was for the new addition" my mom spoke up breaking the silence.

I looked at him .

"Yeah, I can't wait till have a mini me around. I'm a bit nervous , but I'll manage" he said respectfully to my mother.

She smiled before speaking.
"I'll admit that I was a bit pissed when Ori told me the news , but I see you got a good head on your shoulders" my mom said.

"You know , I try" he responded popping his imaginary collar.

"Boy please " my mom laughed.

I was now really curious as to what happened between the two while I was asleep because they sure did seem to be getting along just fine .

At least I didn't have to worry about any drama between the two I thought to myself.

We had all made small talk as we ate. It was good that Maleek and my mom got along, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Soon, we had all finish eating and began to gather our plates.

"You two got the dishes, I cooked" my mom said walking out the kitchen causing me and Maleek to chuckle.

We both began to wash the dishes and then dry them. It was an awkward silence so I decided to speak up.

"So... What happened between you and my mom" I asked.

He laughed before speaking.

"We just talked about some things" he said

"Maleek" I said irritably .

"Alright alright. You was sleep , and I was up on my phone . Next thing you know your momma come up in the room. She saw how you was all up on as nigga and-"

I looked down and blushed.

"Now I know miss Ori ain't over here blushin'" he said discontinuing his story.

"Just finish the story " I said quietly.

He laughed before speaking. " anyways , like I said , you was all up on a nigga and you could tell she was ready to beat my ass when she saw me" I said.

Now that's more like her.

"But just know we on good terms, no need for details "he said.

We finished up the dishes , while joking with each other.

We dried our hands and went to go sit down. It was awkward silence before he spoke up .

"Move in with me" he said.

I started laughing, but looked up to see that he was serious..

"I'm Foreal Ori" he said.

"Maleek , we've only known each other for about 2 months now" I said.

"Look around Ori , this isn't the best neighborhood and I don't want my child in any type of danger. Not to mention I live almost 45 minutes away. What if something happens to you" he said.

It warmed me that he was concerned about the safety of me and his child , but I couldn't just up an move. Especially without my mother.

"I'm just trying to do the right thing Ori " he said.

"I'll think about it " I said causing a smile to grow on his face.

"Aight, imma Remember that baby mama. " he said.

I laughed at that,

"Go on, boy " I laughed pushing his chest slightly.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him. Instantly making me go weak in the knees.

He stared at me before pulling me into a hug.

"Imma head out, "he said letting me go .

"Alright." I said still a little bit weak from being in his arm.

"I'll be here at 1:30 to pick you up, for the appointment "he said before walking out.

I looked down and blushed.

"Yall are so cute" my mom said pulling me out my daze.

"Mom, stop . We're not together" I said causing my mom to smirk.

"You will be ".

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