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Looking at my now blackened eye, I winced .

"Orianna had a mean swing on her" I thought to myself.

Hearing my phone buzz again, I looked at it seeing missed calls from Briana.

How the hell did she even manage to slip her number in my phone ? Was I really that drunk?

Grabbing my car keys, I drove to the address , of which I left yesterday morning and knocked.

Waiting on the door, Brianna answered the door.

Her eyes grew wide.

"What are you doing here, you need to leave" she whispered.

She got a man... I thought to myself.

"Why you acting surprised, you the one blowing up my phone " I said growing pissed.

"My girl want nothing to do with me now" I continued"

"Please just leave " she pleaded constantly looking back .

"Look, I got a girl alright, so you need to chill with all this shit. What happened yesterday was just sex" I harshly stated
Before She could even speak , I heard a loud voice boom.

"Who the hell is at the door Bri" some nigga yelled. Causing her to jump. 

"Nobody " she stuttered.

Hearing footsteps, she slammed the door in my face .

"I know you ain't got another nigga at my doorstep" I heard ol boy yell, followed by a smack.

Hearing Briana scream in agony, I instantly began to walk back to the doorstep .

Although me and Brianna could never be friends or even cool, I wasn't about to let any female get beat on, right before my eyes.

Opening her door again, I ran straight to him a pushed him off of her.

"Who the hell are you " he said raising his voice

"Bout to be yo' worst nightmare if you dont get your damn hands off her . Wanna fight, then fight a real man" .

Just as I said that I felt him swing on me , causing me to black out on him.

All I could hear was the disoriented screams coming from Bri.

Feeling someone pull on me, I snapped my head pulling away.

Getting up, I turned to look at Bri who was on the couch in hysterics.

I never understand how a female could stay with someone who put their hands on them .

Shaking my head, I turned around to leave.

"I'm sorry" I heard .

"Naw it's cool, I just don't like seeing stuff like that " I responded.

"No I'm sorry about your girl .. I-I just wanted to feel loved for once.. Even if it was only temporary ." She said.

I couldn't even be mad anymore, I felt sorry for this girl.

"Don't worry about it alright.. Just do me a favor and get out of this situation, .. Cause this right here, " I said  looking around

"Ain't love" I continued .

Walking back to my car, I notice the police pulling in . I sighed and drove to Orianna's mom house.

I knew she'd be there.

About 30 minutes later I was sitting in my car in front of her house contemplating about what I was going to say to her.

Orianna ain't no damn fool, so making up some pathetic lie was out of the question.

Signing , I got out the car and made my way to the door and knocked.

Seconds later, Mrs. Rodriguez opened the door . I watched as frown formed on her face.

Orianna must have told her what had happened.

"Hey Mrs-"

"Don't hey me" she interrupted .

I sighed .

"Look is Ori here, I really need to talk to her" I begged.

"Yes she is, but I doubt she wants to talk to you " she said.

"Please , just for a few minutes. I know you know about the whole situation, and I admit I was more than wrong. That's why I'm here trying to mend things back to the way they were" I ranted .

I looked at her noticing her face soften.

"You love her?" She questioned me which caught me off guard.

"Uhm, ...I mean I like her a lot " I said scratching the back of my neck.

"Look Maleek, as much as I wanna knock your head off your shoulders, I can tell you really care about my baby. "

She paused, before continuing.

"But she's hurting boy, give her some space " she continued.

I sighed.

"Alright Mrs. Rodriguez, I get where you coming from . " I said right before walking back to my car.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

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