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Singhania's Mansion


Akshay's POV:

Sanjana has given me the most precious gift of my life - my boy - Aarav Akshay Singhania. His middle name is not Akshay if you are wondering, actually he does not have a middle name. I would be on cloud nine if he uses my name as his middle name.

I can't wait to wrap my work and go home to his delightful laughter. I sometimes bring him to office and boy he does enjoy spending his time here. He will roll all over rug in my office and play with papers, pens and what not.

I was not able to bring him today as Sanjana insisted she needs time with her son. She spent most of her time with him as she is on maternity leave but she still needs more time with him. 


I rushed to home in anticipation to play with my son only to find Sanjana and Aarav snuggled into each other and sleeping. I softly kissed both of them on forehead before making way to bathroom to change. 

When I returned, my boy was awake and was staring at me with his twinkling eyes. He smiled at me and waved his arms at me indicating he wants me to carry him. How can I deny him? So, I carefully placed him in my arms. He is almost 8 months old and the last months have been nothing but blissful. 

"Is my boy happy to see me?" I questioned him in baby voice. 

He smiled happily and gurgled in his baby language. I played him with for few minutes and he was hungry. He grabbed at my chest, his way of saying feed me, dada. 

Sanjana is asleep and tiredness can be seen on her face. I did not want to wake her up but my baby can't be left hungry. So, I make way to Sanjana and carefully untied her robe before wiping her breasts with sanitized napkins. 

Aarav was literally salivating and he hungrily latched as soon as he was placed near her. I grabbed his hands as he has a habit of scratching Sanjana while breastfeeding. But I guess my devil son did not want his Mama to rest as he bit hard on her nipple. 

"Ouch!" Sanjana exclaims as she wakes up, disoriented for a second but later calmed down when she saw Aarav latched to her. My naughty baby hid himself in her bosom. 

"He is taking after you day by day." Sanjana smiled at his antics. 

"He is mini-me, isn't he?" 

"Definitely, both looks wise and personality wise." As soon as Sanjana agreed, Aarav waved his legs in the air. He does this when he is happy. 

"His ego is inflating." Sanjana commented and as a result received another bite from him. 

"He has bitten everyone but you and me most." Sanjana grumbled but happiness can be heard from her voice. 

"Once you are done with him, go back to sleep. I will play with him." I suggested to Sanjana seeing dark circles under her eyes. Aarav is waking up at night as he is hungry, since he is growing so is his appetite. Even though he is given foods other than milk, at night he only wants his mama's milk. He has his own pet peeves and his top most being drinking from a bottle. 

"Lay down with me for a while." Sanjana pleaded. There was a strange vulnerability in her voice. I took both of them in my embrace and asked her "What's wrong?" 

"Nothing, I just want you to be here with me in this moment." 

This is life. Sanjana and Aarav, these two completed me. 

My Aarav- My Joy and My Pride 

My Sanjana--My Abhor and My Amour


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