Chapter - 18

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Singhania Empire


Sanjana's POV:

I am at Singhania's Head Office. You might be thinking what am I doing in Akshay's office on a working day. Well, I am fulfilling the end of my side for the deal I brokered with Devil's associate.

What plans do I have for this? Till now, I am blank. But I have an inkling that Kanika is immensely attracted to Akshay Singhania and that is what I am going to use. But how?

I am roaming mindlessly like a headless chicken when I collided with Claire - Akshay's Head Secretary.

"Ma'am, you here?" I asked her.

"Yes, I need a favour from you." I said while sweetly smiling at her.

"Yes Ma'am. How can I help you?" She politely asked.

"I need you to give me a list of close friends of Miss. Vashist. - Seeing her confused expression - I need that for planning a date of her with Alex." I hurriedly added. Listening to this the colour from her face drained. Oh no! She likes Alex.

"Listen to me, after this I will arrange one date with you as well. You know Alex is experimenting and all." I manipulated the situation a little bit so that she inspited by jealousy does not became a hindrance to my plans and hopefully somehow I will manage to set a blind date for Alex.

Anyway, I am rooting for Claire and Alex than that Kanika.

"Okay Ma'am. I will do the best I can." She replied smiling.

"Thanks and call me Sanjana." I said hugging her out of excitement.

"What's going on here?" A cold business voice snapped at us. I closed my eyes as if I am in great pain. I turned around slowly and smilingly I replied "Nothing much, Claire and I are going on a shopping spree on Sunday." I enthusiastically gushed.

"We are?" Claire askes dumbfounded.

I turned slightly towards her and glared at her hard from corner of my eye "Yes, O fcourse we are. That's what we discussed just seconds ago." After that she nodded frantically and nervously chuckled.

I knew for sure that Akshay is aware that I am cooking something. He impassively stared at us for a few seconds and then nodded.

"Sanjana, to my office, now." It was a command with underlying threat that if not followed there will be consequences.

"Akshay, you know. I am working woman I too have office. So, I will see you after work. For now, bye." I frantically excused and made a rush for elevators.

As I was about to press the button, the automated voice announced "All the elevators are out of order. Sorry for the inconvenience." What? Just now it was working and now out of order. There was not even a powercut.

I turned around to find Akshay standing arrogantly with his hands in pocket. From stairs came two guards and stand beside Akshay.

"Sir, You called?" Asked one standing on left handside.

"I want Mrs. Singhania in my office in 50 seconds." He ordered one while gazing impassively at me and proceeded toward private elevator.

"Ok Ok! Akshay. No need for them. I am coming with you." I said while groaning.

"I see, you learnt your lesson fairly quick Mrs. Sighania. I was hoping for a little more entertainment." He said while smirking and proceed to enter the elevator.

I fumed at him for calling me a clown so in anger I rushed after him and was to hit him on back when suddenly I was pinned to elevator wall harshly. All the breath was sucked out of me when my back hit the wall.

"Next time, don't." A frosted voice announced which caused the goosebumps to rise on my arms and I shivered in fear. Akshay eyes were dark emanating anger. His body posture rigid. Even though our body was plastered to each other without any space between us, there was nothing sexual about it.

"S-Sorry." I stuttered while apologizing. After that for few seconds we were in same position but I felt Akshay's body releasing all the tension slowly.

We were on Akshay's floor now. He indicated me to move out. So, I did and entered his office. There was this unbearable tension in the room and I was fidegty and a little bit scared but I maintained my facade well.

For an hour, I was sitting like a statue while Akshay was working. I cannot help but admire his posture, his godly looks and his strong stature. I was appreciatively gazing at him when he looked up and our eyes locked.

"Come here." He motioned with his hand breaking our gaze. I stood up and walked to him trying to appear non-chalant.

"Yes?" I tried to sounded bored but it came out anticipatory.

"Sit." He said while pointing to table. I sat on its edge.

"Now, I need you to listen to me carefully. If I want I can restrain you in so many ways but I am opting for advising. I have already told you not to involve yourself with all the company's matter but you did not understood. Sanjana, the people involved are way too dangerous who will not hesistate to kill when someone is on their radar. So, stop all this." He tried to restrain his temper but at last he shouted making me jump back a little.

He breathed deeply with closed to control himself and after a second he opened his eyes connecting them to me.

"I have already enough mess on my plate, don't add anymore. You can go." With that he dismissed me. And, I left from there.

It means he knows who is behind all this and he did not disclose it knowingly. If he wants that I remain away from all these. I will but only on front foot and this will not deter me from setting up Claire with Alex.

From Akshay's office, I came to mine. My new project is to grant permission to Ritesh Dhananjay for a Medicine factory. He wants it near the city but I am not doing so. As it is harmful for the public because of toxic chemical being released from a factory both into the air and water.

I have a meeting scheduled with him for lunch.


"Ma'am, Mr. Dhananjay is here." My assistant informed me.

"Let him in." I informed her.

After few seconds came a young businessman, age around 35 or so. Dressed in sharp hand stiched Italian suit. He was good looking not over the top or so but okayish. However, his hieght and personality added to his charisma.

"Mr. Dhananjay, Good Afternoon. Please have a seat." I said standing up and greeting him.

"Miss. Kashyap. 'Afternoon. If you don't mind may I ask you something?" He asked.

"Sure, Mr. Dhananjay. But before that what would you like to have? " I politely offered.

"Juice. Grape if you have. - Pause- By your Mangalsutra and chura, I can fairly concluded that you are married but your name indicates otherwise, why so?"

"Recently married, Mr. Dhananjay and you know the official process takes time." I briefly told him.

"Yeah right. So, shall we discuss about the project?" He asked.

"Absolutely, Sir."

At this point of time, I was not aware that I am sitting with the person who will be the very cause of the upcoming upheavel in my and my family's life.


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