Full Amount Received - 15010 INR

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On 13th January....
I have recieved 15010 INR.... I am grateful to every one of you..
Here is the updated summary of the funds I have recieved so far-

500 INR - sravani2627103
500 INR - JyothilakshmiSaravan
500 INR - C (Does not want to share her identity)
500 INR - B (Does not want me to tag her. )
1000 INR - D (Wants to keep anonymous)
1000 INR - E (Anonymous)
1000 INR-A (She wants to keep it secret).
1000 INR - Z (Her heart tells her to be anonymous)
1510 INR - alishaparab88
1500 INR - X (Anonymous)
2500 INR - Y (Anonymous)
3500 INR - @crazy_n_puh

Thank you once again to each one of you...

I will return the money I owe within 2 MONTHS. You guys don't know what you have done for me. I am really really grateful and appreciate everyone of you who have helped and those who have come forward to help.
I can't express in words how blessed I feel to be part of the community.

Guys, please read books of crazy_n_puh. She is the one who have sent me the full remaining amount. I will keep you guys updated of my application and I will give a summary when I would have return the amount to everyone of you.

Thank you so much.


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