Chapter - 34

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Sanjana's POV:

After that rat escapade, Akshay and I enjoyed fully. We went to this lake, there, we enjoyed a quite picnic. It was without doubt one of the best days of my life. I feel much closer to Akshay now.

We are going back to Singhania Mansion. But this time its Alex who is driving and Akshay is back to his workaholic self and I am random shuffling through social media. 

"Alex, we will be at Singhania Mansion by..?" I questioned. 

"In an hour, Ma'am." He answered. 

"Sanjana Please." I muttered. 

"Sanjana." He exclaimed and get back to his driving. 

"By the way, its only 20 days left for Kirti's wedding. Where is it gonna take place?" I questioned Akshay while poking him in his arm. 

"Italy." He muttered. 

"Where in Italy?" I questioned again. 

"Where were you when this all was being discussed?" Akshay questioned. 

"I am working woman. I was at my office." I stated. When he glared at me "I know its taking place in Venice. I was just riling you for fun." I explained apologetically. 

We reached home in the evening. Everybody was discussing the plans for Kirti's wedding. 

"Is not Akshay overtaking wedding planning? He usually overtakes everything." I shouted excitedly.

When nobody laughed and Akshay stared at me impassively, I muttered "Bad joke." 

Kirti planned and we all listened. Akshay's personal assistant Claire and wedding planner were taking notes and I was sitting idly listening to all the chatter. 

Suddenly, I remembered all the moments I had spent with Akshay in past two days. I did not realise that I was foolishly smiling to myself. Ma shook me hard and I returned to mortal realm from my lala land. 

"What is it, Ma?" I questioned. 

"Where were you lost. I have been calling you from past 5 minutes." She responded shaking her head at me. 

"I was thinking about heels I have to buy." I stupidly said the first thing that came to my mind. 

"I am going to throw all your damn heels one day." No points guessing there, that this was my mother. 

"Enough. Don't tease her anymore. She is tired already." And this was Akshay, who for a change instead of enjoying my misery was taking my side. 

"Baby, go rest. You are tired anyways." And I suddenly realised how true he was. My whole body was in mild pain and I was feeling sleepy as well, so I just nodded and left for our room. 

I fell asleep without changing but when I woke up after two hours, I was in Akshay's shirt and he was sleeping beside me. 

"Akshay, wake up. Let's go for dinner." I whispered to him while caressing his hair. 

"I am not hungry. I want to sleep." He sleepily murmured and turned on his side and went to sleep. 

"Akshay, we did not even had breakfast. Come on, you can sleep after dinner." I again tried to coax him. 

"No." He murmured and covered himself with blanket. 

I asked helper to bring Akshay and mine dinner in our room only. 

"Akshay, just wake up. I will feed you." I tried for one last time after placing dinner on bed side table. 

"Okay." He woke up after sometime and let me feed him. 

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