Chapter - 48

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Singhania Mansion

Sanjana's POV:

As soon as we reached home, the whole family was in rage and the target of their scolding was me as I was pregnant and most careless out of all. The most angry was my mother - as she took in what I was wearing, even Akshay's suit jacket was not able to save me.

"What will happen to my Nati?(Grandchild from daughter) It gave me goosebumps even thinking about that child. I hope he does not take after you at all." My mother was ranting from last half hour.

"Mom, I will be a very caring and responsible mother. Just because of one mistake you can't scold me whole life."I shouted getting frustrated.

Akshay laughed out loud at my statement. " The most childish one in the whole house is talking about being responsible mother." He commented and walked away.

I wanted to follow him but was dragged by mother. All the Gods of world, please save me from this torture I will never be careless. I silently prayed. But today no God was in the mood to save me from this verbal diarrhoea.

I had started feeling sleepy even though I have napped all the way home.

"Okay, enough now. Let them rest." Like always it was Mummy Ji who came to my rescue. I abruptly stood up from the couch only to feel dizzy.

"Sanjana" It was my mother who was closet and steadied me.

"Careful, Come I will take you to your room." Mummy Ji said while holding on to me.

"It should be your husband.."

"What your husband?" Asked Akshay who was now downstairs.

"Nothing, we were just randomly talking." Mummy Ji said.

"Why are you here? Did not you just go upstairs?" I asked him.

"I have to take care of the follow up and make sure Singhania Family is not implicated anywhere in media." He answered.

"Oh." That was the only thing I can say.

The mood in the living room turned serious once again.

"Do we have to go to police station for statement?" Asked Kirti Di.

"No, If needed it will happen at office." Akshay responded while making a move to hug me.

"I will be back in two hours at most. You can sleep till and then we will talk. Okay?" He whispered to me.

I just nodded at him enjoying the security of his embrace. He released me while kissing on my head.

"Love you, laters sweetheart." His sudden words shocked me and by the time I was in my senses I was in our room. 

I have not been able to digest the fact that he said he loves me and that too in the most unromantic manner in whole wide world. His love confession is just like him: cold and boring. 

It frustrated me to no end, I mean I had too many dreams of the confession and somewhere I knew that it will not be most romantic but atleast some thought will be there. As if the self claimed romantic has planned the confession of century- my subconcise reminded  at me. 

I thought about it and agreed on the point that his was better than mine. 

But anyway, we both need to spend some time away from the family, just two of us before our baby arrives in this world. How would I love the baby to be a boy and if he takes after Akshay in his attitude, then I will be his most favourite person in the world.

It's so true that the daughters are Daddy's princess and sons are Mama's boys. I can give Akshay a daughter to dote on later but for now I want a boy. One boy and One girl. And then, our family will be complete. But it would be nice to have a daughter. I can dress her up in cute little outfits, we both cab twin all we want and then we can gossip about the hot hunks.

Well, a baby boy or a baby girl--it does not matter. I will cherish my baby despite its gender. But one thing I am damn sure of is that my baby girl's most favorite person in the world would be her father and she his. Its not that I have a problem with it but I just feel jealous whenever Akshay talks about her with so much love and adoration. She does not even exists yet.

"Why did not you rest when I clearly told you to do so?" Akshay questioned me as soon as he entered the room.

"I was thinking that we definitely need to have some us time after Kirti Di's wedding and before peanut's birth." I responded while hugging him.

"Sure. I will see how can I manage my schedule then and to make some time for our baby, I will need to do some significant changes in management. I will sort this out in next week." He answered while caressing my hair.

"You are the best!" I exclaimed while kissing him. He did not respond to the kiss.. "Not now, Sanjana. I am afraid I will not be able to control myself."

"What's the need to control? You know na, that we can make love while I am pregnant. There is no harm in that as long as we are a little careful." I questioned him.

"I know, sweetheart. But not today, it was already stressful enough both mentally and emotionally. I can't tire you physically as well when you are already in state of sleepiness 20 hours of the day." He answered while helping me to the bed.

"Get some rest. We will talk later. For now, rest." He ordered while tucking me in.

I opened my arms for him, wanting him to lay down with me. He nodded and then proceeded to get out of his suit pants and shirt, leaving on his boxer only. I drooled at the sight of my husband's hot body.

" Close your eyes or I am not getting in." Akshay threatened me. So, I immediately do as I was told and as soon as I felt him getting in the bed, I snuggled into him.

"Do you remember your words before you left me?" I asked him while laying upon him.

"Ofcourse, I do. I told you to get rest which you did not." His answer left me baffled.

"Anything other than that?" I asked again.

"No, why are you asking?" Now, I can hear the amusement in his voice. What does that mean? Does he remember or not?

"Nothing. Let me sleep." My tone showing the irritation, I was feeling at that moment.

"When did I stop you?" Akshay muttered and was soon asleep, sending my heart in turmoil.




"Stop cursing me and get some sleep. We will talk later and I do remember. Now, sleep." He whispered nuzzling his head into my neck.

I hit him on his chest and cursed him loud.

"Okay, enough. Sleep. Our baby is going to be more obedient than you are." He teased while closing my eyes with his hand.

I chose not to respond to him and drifted into a dreamless slumber.


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