Chapter - 50

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Singhania Mansion



Sanjana's POV:


I have just returned from the office and I am way too tired. I just sprawl out on the main sofa in the hall. Pregnancy is a pain in arse. Sometimes, you just want to get over with it. 

Now, that Rajesh's threat is over - my family has flown back to Delhi. They will be directly flying to Italy for the wedding which will be next week. The only thorn left on our side is that wicked witch of west but she will be gone soon. I am so happy and relieved. I fell asleep while thinking of a sweet future.

My sweet sleep was broken by the uneven movement. I opened my eyes not realising where I am only to find myself in arms of my husband. 

"Go back to sleep." He softly murmured to me. I circled my arms around his neck and shook my head at me. "I want to spend time with you." My tone whiny like that of a spoiled child. 

"Not today..." I did not let him complete his sentence and cried out "Why not today?" 

"Sweetheart, did you forget that Ranvijay's relatives will be here for taking Kirti to shop and she wants you to accompany her?" He gently reminded me. 

"But I am tired and I don't want go." I whined again. 


Akshay's POV:


Does not she never left chance to shop for shoes? Her hormones are not that volatile as of now. If this is the beginning then what awaits me for the rest seven months? 

"Don't you want to shop for heels?" I asked while frowning at her. My confusion showing clear in my voice. 

"Yes, I do want. How can I forget to shop my lovely heels?" She exclaimed suddenly. A total 180° turn in her mood. Is this what they call mood swings? I don't think I will be able to handle her for the upcoming next months. Brace yourself, Akshay. 

She has changed my life. After the betrayal of my last relationship: I was aversed to the idea of being in a relationship again. But she came to my life like a whirlwind and totally turned it upside down. It was not a smooth sailing journey for us. 

I love her spirit, her spunk for life and the way she stands up for herself. This is one of the most attractive traits of her. Her attitude, her confidence is what that resonates with me most. 


Sanjana's POV:


"Akshay, where are you lost?" I asked him while adjusting myself on the comfortable. This feels like heaven for my aching back. 

"Just thinking about few random things. You rest for a while after that you have to accompany Kirti." He mumbled distracted. 

"I will rest but you will lay down with me." I grumbled. 

"I will. Let me change." And with that he left for to change.

He came out clothed in his sweatpants only and I just want to pounce on him. Seeing me salivating "Don't even think about it. You need rest and so do I."

I just stripped in front of him and snuggled into blanket. I can see he is effected but he controlled himself. I mean I am hot who will not drool at sight of me. Narcissist much. My body has not undergone any major change of yet. Only my breasts are little tender and grown tiny bit in size. My belly was as flat as before. Doctor has told me that every pregnancy is different. In some, the belly can be seen in first months and in some it can get as late as 6th month.

He picked his shirt from the sofa and made me wear it. I wore without any protest as I did not want to fight him with for once as I can feel letharge in my energy levels. 

I just snuggled into him and slept very peacefully. 


Akshay wake me up after an hour to accompany Kirti Di. I was once again not in the mood but I dragged myself to dress up and accompany them as I want to eat a lot of street food. And, I am only give that privilege once in a while since Akshay knew that I am pregnant. 

Akshay was working while lounging on the bed when his words broke all my dreams of my food. "I know what are you thinking. Don't even dare to try and eat that unhygienic food. I will be sending someone especially to keep on you." He said while glaring at me. 

"Just a little." I asked him while pouting at him hoping he will give in. 

"No means No, Sanjana. Last week only you had your cheat day, not now. And, if dared to eat I will make sure you don't get to eat for next seven months." His tone full of determination and I knew that If I went against him, he will do that. 

"Fine, I will not eat street food but can I get ice-cream? Please!" I tried to persuade him. 

"Just one scoop." He relented. 

"Okay." With that I kissed him on his cheek and left the room. There was a skip in my steps at the thought of enjoying tasty creamy ice-cream. 

"Sanjana? What have got you so excited? Ma asked me. 

" Akshay has agreed to let me have a scoop of ice-cream." I exclaimed. My grin too wide for my face. 

"That's wonderful. After shopping, we all can have ice-party." Ma suggested and I immediately agreed as the idea of able to steal some ice-cream came to me. 


ABZ Mall, Mumbai 

Kirti Di's bridal dresses will be custom designed by ace-designers obviously. So, what we need to shop today were her after wedding day to day wardrobe.

I have Akshay's black card with me but obviously I am not gonna spend his money on pampering myself. I will spend his money on few things I will be buying for him.

My train of thoughts was broken by Ma as she asked me to choose a necklace for Kirti Di. I randomly pointed to one and start selecting some cufflinks for Akshay. I was more interested in getting something for him than the chaos around me.

I guess this is what they call love. When you are in love, you put your lover above everything. He is your priority, your passion and your everything.

This is the kind of love that every girl or woman wants. That deep and selfless love. Be it a working woman or your normal day girl--at some point in your life, you do dream of that selfless love.

And my dream came to life in form of Akshay. Our relationship started with abhor and it turned to amour.

My Akshay- My Amour.


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