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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

Today is the day of Kirti di's engagement and Akshay is damn tensed. I don't know why security has been tripled, as if the bodyguards surrounding Akshay and Mansion were scarce.

I was getting ready when Akshay barged inside the room looking tensed. Its everyday scenario, I did not even bother asking and getting scolded later. So, I resumed my makeup. Well, you can say I learnt my lesson well.

When I first time asked him out of concern, he shouted at me for no reason and did not even bothered to apologize, from that day I left him to his brooding.

I realize that Akshay is staring at me. So, I turned and asked him raising my brow at him "What?"

"Here, I am so agitated and there you are bloody enjoying getting ready." He snapped at me.

It is his habit of taking out his anger on anything or everything.

"Well, you might have forgotten but I do remember last time when I asked about your well being, your oversweetness put me in danger of being diabetic. I want myself hale and healthy to give you time of your life." I saracstically replied to him and afterwards smiled at him sweetly.

He scowled at me darkly.

"Why only I have to deal with all the idiots?" He questioned to no one in particular. But I took pity on him.

"May be because you are 'King of Idiots'." I mocked at him.

"That will make you "Queen of Idiots", Baby. Anyway it suits you better than me and you are worthy of your title as well." He beat me at my own game.

So, instead of answering him and making a fool of myself again, I resumed my makeup.

We playfully banter a lot. It never gets serious but somehow it brings us closer and I do realize that Akshay also enjoys our short quarrels.


The engagement was going to take place at Singhania Mansion only, because according to His Highness, there is no place more secure than mansion itself.

The hall was beautifully decorated in saffron red and golden with sprints of white. The red and white roses were part of decoration. It was not looking less than some fairy tale.

I was assigned the duty to take care of food along with being my husband's arm candy.

Everything was perfect, the way Kirti di wanted. Guests has started arriving and all high profile politicians, actors and billionaires were in attendance.

I hope everything goes well. After a few minutes Ranvijay and his family also arrived.

Engagement ceremony was about to start in few minutes, when I heard Ranvijay's mother bad mouthing Kirti di.

I did not want to take matters in my hand and cause some unncessary drama. So, I decided to handle it later.

Akshay made his entrance looking every inch regal King of his mansion. His aura demanding respect, his stance oozing confidence and power which makes people fear him.

A mighty presence demanding both respect and fear and this is what makes him lethal.

After acknowledging few guests, when chatter of party resumed, he made his way towards me. He snaked his arm around my waist and introduced me to a few guests.

I in between did got a chance to talk to him.

"Akshay, did you properly investigated about Ranvijay's family?" I asked him.

"Are you implying that I did not take necessary precautions before allowing Kirti to be someone's wife?" He snapped at me and left from there.

I followed him subtly not wanting to attract attention of crowd on us which was little difficult seeing Akshay attracted crowd like a moth to flame.

Can't he at least listen to me before getting offended. I asked to myself while rolling my eyes at him.

"Akshay, listen to me." I said holding his arm. By now, we were outside party venue and in a quite corridor.

He shrugged it as if I am some infected viral disease. When he did not said anything, I just put my opinion forward.

"I did not meant to offend you Akshay, I only asked you because I heard Ranvijay's mother bad mouthing Kirti Di. " Akshay was about to retort when we were interrupted by the sounds of dramatic claps.

I and Akshay turned around to find Kirti di standing with her soon to be mother-in-law.

"I was not aware that you are a liar ." Kirti di taunted me.

I immediately understand the situation. So, her mother-in-law is two faced as well.

"I was only looking out for you and if you don't appreciate my concern I don't give a damn. It was my duty as a member of this family to inform Akshay of what I heard. And you are no one to accuse me of being liar when you don't have all your facts straight." I explained it to her, trying not to snap at her.

Ranvijay and all other family members have joined. Thank God, we were out of the hall outside the gossip mongers vincinity.

"Mrs. Singhania, you don't have a right to insult my mother." Ranvijay butted in.

"Mr. Pratap, I don't have a habit of accusing random people of being guilty and if you want I can prove it to you in a minute that I am speaking truth. Can you prove that your mother would not have audacity to insult her soon to be daughter-in -law?" I callously asked him not caring my words are hurting on someone's dignity.

I don't take it lightly when someone accuse me of something which I had not done. When he lowered his head in shame, I continued.

"Mrs. Pratap, next time you do something like this and hurted Kirti di. I will rip you apart." I threatened her.

"Is this how you show respect to your daughter's in laws?" Mrs. Pratap tried to play the damn laws card.

"Respect is not demanded, its earned, Mrs. Pratap." I calmly told her.

I turned to Kirti di.

"You are naive, you don't have even remote understanding of people. You can't judge who is your friend or who is your foe. This can be cause of your demise." I advised her.

"If you all will excuse me, I have guests to attend." I addressed everyone and left from there. Akshay followed me.

"Now, this is what I want you to understand. I can't find an absolutely perfect family. It depends on Kirti how she manages. From what I see today, she needs to learn a lot. I want you to be with her till her marriage." He explained.

"Then, why did you get offended when I asked you?"

"Your tone was accusatory, Mrs. Singhania. You need to learn how to control and not to let your emotions seep into your voice." He briefed me.

"I will take my leave. I need to meet with few guests." He said to me and I nodded at him and watched him mingling with others.


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