Chapter - 37

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Singhania's Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

Its going to be Kirti's wedding in few days and everything is going pretty smoothly. But, there is a kind of uneasiness in my heart. It feels like the silence before the storm. A storm which which destroy me in its wake.

Right now, I am working on the report that I have to write. I believe that the Indian society needs to be a little bit more tolerant on the issues of the religion. 

India since the evident of religion in human civilization has been one of the most prolific and secular civilization in the world. Nodoubt, India has to bear its burnt due to its nature of being secular, accepting of other faiths and freedom of the religious dignity. But, that what makes the base of our society. 

Even though Hindus have been major part of population, all the other religions have been given equal respect and acceptance by the people of India. 

But, now the scenario is changing. I feel like the religious intolerance is increasing among the people of different faiths being part of Indian society. No doubt we should respect our religion and faith but that does not mean to resort to violence or can be done by demeaning the other faiths. 

History has shown us over and over again that this unacceptance of another's faith has resulted into massacre but we are not learning our lessons. We are in 21st century, we are advancing toward the newer era of world with the developments made by humans in technology, we are more educated, more stable in economic, social, religious and physical aspects of our life and yet we are not tolerant enough of faiths different from us. 

Let us understand this in a different way: When there is a phenomena happens which cannot be explained by science, different theories starts developing. Though, no one have solid proof but all the theories exist. Similar is the situation of the religion in human world. Religion is an important aspect of everyone's life, so any issue related to it effects the whole society. So, there is no solid scientific relationship on the factor behind the existence of GOD-The Supreme Power. All the religions can be taken as these theories, there can be debates on the plausibility of these theories but one cannot deny these. So, we cannot deny any faith existing in this world. 

We need to just learn to accept the bigger thruth that every faith is as equally important as ours and we need to respect every religion. 

My report writing was disturbed by my dear husband. "What are you doing?" Akshay asks while taking laptop away from my lap and placing his head in its place. 

"I was working before you decided to disturb me." I answered while running my hand through his hair. 

"I disturbed you?" Akshay questioned while raising his brow at me. I nodded my head at him. 

"Take that back." He said. 

"No." I asserted and with that he was tickling the hell out me.

"Akshay, stop." I exclaimed while laughing loudly, I shouted "I take it back." Akshay stopped and laid down on me. 

"Why are you not at your office?" I questioned him while realising its a working day. 

"I did not want go." He answered while nuzzling his head in my neck. 

"What's with you? You were working even on sundays before and now you are taking a day off." I asked.

"My company. My wish." He muttered annoyed. 

"Ok, Ok, don't get too riled up. I was just asking, I did not said anything." I muttered while rolling my eyes. 

We are peacefully lying in each other arms, when a knock disturbed us. "Your second wife is here." I jested while slipping underneath from Akshay. 

"Come in." Akshay said still not getting up from his position. 

"Sir, All the stuff you asked for is here." He announced and waited for further instructions. 

"Send it up to its said recipients. " Akshay mutters and rolled on his back. 

"Sir." With that he left the room. 

"What was it all about?" I questioned. 

"Be patient, Mrs.Singhania." Aksahy said while covering himself with duvet. 

And within seconds he was asleep. Alex came back carrying few gift boxes. 

Oh! How sweet. He has bought gifts for me. I took from and opened them to find a pair of loubotins and personalised diamond, platinum and rubies pendant with A and S interwined. I put heels aside and wore the pendant. It was stunning. 

I gazed at Akshay. He looked so innocent while sleeping. I went to him and softly kissed him on his forehead. I quietly whisphered "I love you" and left the room. 

I am going to cook a very special lunch and dinner for him today. 

On my way to kitchen, I collided with Ahaana literally. "Watch where are you going." She sneered at me. 

"You watch your steps." I sneered back and I maneuvered to left when she said something which made be stop in my tracks "Akshay was mine before you and he is going to be mine once again." 

"That's your illusion Ahaana, Akshay was your but he is never going to be yours again. He is my husband now and you did not even make past the girlfriend status." I said calmly while playing with my necklace. 

Her eyes fell on it and she in an unanticipated move lunged to snatch it. I moved back, she was unable to stop herself due to inertia and she was at my feet. 

"Sometimes, you get to your right place by your own deeds without needing anyone to put you there." I said not helping her at all in standing up. 


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