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Singhania Haveli


Sanjana's POV:

The yesterday itself was a day to remember from hell. Dadi was a piece of work. I respect her as an elder but her orthodox thinking is something which negates me to the end of this world.

Today, in the morning during breakfast we were informed of the arrival of Avantika. Dadi's favorite candidate as Akshay's bride. Thank God, Akshay has not shown even a bit of excitement for her arrival otherwise I would have made sure to wring his neck.

Dadi had instructed us to make food of her choice for lunch. I mean what the hell why will be eat something of her choice but since Ma insisted and I reluctantly agreed. We made some soup, salad pastrami and baked dough rolls.

Like what the hell man, whose gonna eat this goat's food. A child would need more calories than this for his meal.

"Bhabhi its done. Are you sure we need not to make anything else for lunch?"

"Who said its our lunch, make something for us all."

"What but dadi said...."

"I know but don't worry your husband will show her : her place like always. So, we are not gonna be hungry."

"If I make mexican, is it alright with everyone?"

"Absolutely, by the way what are thinking we should make?"

"Quisedellas with salsa sauce, mexican veg rice bowl, enchiladas and mexican style grilled vegetable sandwhiches."

"Wow, every single dish is your husband's favorite."

"Really! I was not aware. I only had limited information that he likes Mexican."

"Yup, anyway what about drink to go with it?"

"I am thinking of Pomegranate Sangria."

"Good choice, infact everyone likes it."

After I was done with proper lunch this time, I asked Milapriya bhabhi. "Bhabhi, can you tell me a little about Avantika?"

"Wants to know your competition?" She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

I was about to answer when somebody else answered for me and that was none other than my handsome husband.

"There is no competition Milapriya, she wants to get married to me and Sanjana is already married to me. Anyways Sanjana, where is my wallet?" He asked me.

"Your wallet? How would I know where is your wallet?" I asked him confusingly.

"I am not able to find it where I kept last night. So, I presuming that you might have moved it somewhere?"

"No, I did not."

"Then help me find it."


With that I accompanied him to our room and I was about to search for the wallet when I was harshly turned around.


He snaked his arm on my bare waist and tugged me hard toward himself. There was not even an inch of space between our bodies and our mouths have only a sliver of space between. His touch on my bare waist burning me. The sexual tension between at this moment was insane and it too much for me.

"Next time if you want to ask anything related to me whether my likes, dislikes or my past ask me. Do not go around asking. Do you understand why I am telling you to do so or I need to spell it out for you?"

"I am sorry. I understand from next time I will refrain from doing so."

"Good and one more thing- stop poking your nose in my business. You are only my wife in eyes of the society and my family. Engrave it on your if you need to do so.

Listening to his harsh words tears came out of my eyes. He harshly wiped it off my face.

"Next time don't show these crocodile tears to me as they have not any effect on me."

He pushed me hard making me stumble on my heels and landing on the bed.

"Take out my clothes for lunch and meeting thereafter."

With that he left the room leaving me in tears. I cried for my broken dreams of a loving husband. I cried for showing moment of weakness to him and I cried for being miserable because of him.

I came downstairs after taking out his clothes for lunch and his meetings. When I arrived Avantika has arrived and she was not at all what I expected. I thought her to be well cultured and classy. She was mannered but classless.

Dressed in a short mid-thigh length dress which was showing half of her breasts. Is she brainless to come to a village dressed like this? I have no problem with anyone wearing what they want but you need to be dressed as per ocassion and with class.

Ma introduced us. "Sanjana, she is Avantika, model and Avantika meet Sanjana, IAS officer, Akshay's wife."

Ma did not let my individual identity as a person deter being Akshay's wife. Listening to this all the colour from her face drained. For a second I thought she was gonna be faint but to my admiration she composed herself.

"Hey Sanjana, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Avantika." Not.

Before the conversation can continue further dadi asked her to freshen up and come for lunch. I set the table and as per bhabhi's instruction left the Mexican food in kitchen only. When everyone settled, I proceed to serve the food and bhabhi mouthed to me "get ready for drama". I just shook my head at her and served everyone.

I was about to set the bowl of salad on the table when the loud sound of glass breaking reverbrates through the dining hall. Every single conversation seized and I watched dumbstruck Akshay taking deep breaths to rein his raging temper.

"How many times has I bloody told everyone not to serve this crap?" He gritted out and by shocked expression from everyone I just knew that this is happening for first time.

When Bhabhi has mentioned about him dealing with this, she was not expecting such reaction.

"Sanjana....." He shouted making me tremble.

"Yes?" I tried to sound normal but it came out like a whisper.

"Clean all the crap from the table right now and serve what you has made."

"Sure, just give me 2 minutes." I set to the work when he clearly instructed Dadi to stop all these childish acts.

I served everyone Mexican food I had made. Everyone start eating but Ma was not.

"Ma, what's wrong you don't like Mexican?" I asked her but she ignored me and glanced toward Akshay and softly asked "Akshay, what's bothering you?"

"Nothing Mum, just eat. I am fine."

"No, I know you are not fine. This has happened before and you had not reacted so gravelly, something is wrong tell me what it is?" She asked gently but it riled up his anger.

He slammed his hand on the table and snapped "Will you let me eat in peace or I need to leave?"

"Eat your food in peace." With that she left the table in tears.

"Ma...." I tried to stop her but in vain.

"Sanjana, let your husband eat in peace." With that she left the dining hall.

I immediately made a plate when Akshay interrupted "Make 2 and you eat from mine."

I made two plates and he took them and left from there toward's Ma's room. There relation is so sweet that they can not stay angry at each other even for a minute.


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