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Singhania Mansion


19th October 2015


Sanjana's POV:

Today, Akshay is coming back from States and as per Ma's instructions we will leave for Devnagar after 2 hours of his arrival. I has prepared his favorite dahi bhindi, stuffed Amritsari Naan and Rajma Chawal (all indian dishes). 

Ma, Kirti Di (a term used in India to greet elder sister as) , Ketan bhaiya (Indian term for elder brother)  Papa, Milapriya bhabhi (Indian term for sister in law) , Harsheen Chachi (Aunt) , Deven Chacha (Uncle) , Tanmay bhaiya and Khusali bhabhi are sitting in the lounge debating the mode of travel.

"Hiten,we should go by car. It will be nice long drive for everyone."

"No Nilajanla, Akshay will get tired and you know he will prefer his jets any day over long drive."

"Yeah you are right but Sanjana can drive their car this way he will not get tired."

"Mom, why you are hell bent on using car? I know you want Akshay and Sanjana to spent some time together but you need to care about others comfort as well."

"Kirti, the comforts which you are able to enjoy because of Akshay otherwise by your deeds we were left on the road ."

"Akshay was and has been your favourite, don't forget Ma you have two more children."

"Yeah right Kirti, I have two more children and my elder son Ketan is my pride and you were my life but its yours deed, your behaviour and its result is this distance. Now, we will be going by car. You want to come most welcome and if not then you can do whatever you want."

As soon as, Ma finished Kirti di stormed out of the living room.

"Mom, Akshay is about to arrive and if he will see you upset then he will get angry on Kirti, so don't look sad now." Ketan bhaiya said to Ma.

"I will.Sanjana don't tell this to Akshay."

"Sure Ma" When she did not say anything I continued.

"Ma, should I talk with Kirti di?."

"No, leave it. I will talk to her myself after sometime. Let her cool down for time being."


"You go get the food ready and set the table."

Akshay arrived as soon as I finished setting the table. He greeted everyone then, dropped his suit jacket, tie, phone, wallet and what not on side table, folded his sleeves and laid down with head on his mother's lap while sprawling on his front. 

I bring a glass of water for him and placed it on coffee table. Ma caressed his hair and asked "How was your business meetings?"

"As always successful."

"Are you aware that we are going to Devnagar for kuldevi's Pooja (A rite for ancestral God) ?."

"Yeah, Alex informed me. I has asked him to make arrangements."

"Mmmh, my darling son we are going by road. ."

"No, I am tired and I wanna go by my jet."

"But your mother wants a road trip."

"Ok, then."

"Now go freshen up. Your food is ready, have it and rest for sometime before leaving."


He left for our room. I collected all his stuff and followed him. I had already packed our luggage and had kept his casual wear on the bed. 

He had changed by the time I reached our room. I put his discarded towel, his dress shirt, dress pants and shoes in respective places. He was talking on the phone, while I arranged all the stuff.

"Akshay, let's go everyone will be waiting."

"You go, I need to make an important call."

Everyone has arrived, Milapriya bhabhi, Khusali bhabhi and I started serving.

"Where is Akshay, Sanjana?" Asked Papaji.

"Papa, he has to make an important call. He will be back soon."

I am still astonished with the fact that everyone respects my husband so much that no body sits on the head of table chair even in his absence.

When I asked Ma about it, she said that the head of family is one who takes the responsibility of family and fulfills it, the one who keeps family together and it is Akshay. Hearing the reason respect for him increased tenfold in my heart.

Akshay arrived and occupied his place while I started serving him.

"Dad, Ketan I am thinking that its time to find a suitable groom for Kirti, what say?" Asked Akshay.

"Akshay, whatever you feels right. Every decision you had taken till now had been beneficial for family, so its up to you." Replied Dad and Ketan bhaiya nodded in agreement.

"By the way, where is she? I need to talk to her."

"She is in her room, had heavy breakfast. So is not interested in eating." Ma answered him. 

"Mom, what special have you added in dahi bhindi? Its absolutely delicious."

"Ask your wife she had cooked lunch."

"Mrs. Singhania, food is delicious." He commented making me blush. He really is straight forward.

"Thank you, Akshay."

I washed the dishes and left for our room. The house has a rule of not allowing helpers into the kitchen, so it is duty of us bahu's (daughter-in-laws) to make food.

It was time to leave. I was getting ready. I wore netted red saree, as Ma has asked me to wear it as it is colour of newly wedded bride and one of Akshay's favourite colour.

My chura, sindoor, mangalsutra and henna every single thing signifying my dedication and love for my husband.

My husband is busy barking orders on his employee.


Akshay's POV:

Its been 10 days of my wedding to her and I don't even know her name. I need all the information about her before some blunder happens. 

"Akshay, you get ready. I has taken out your clothes for the day." She said to me in her soft voice. No, its not soft its screeching I tried to covince myself.

"Sure Mrs. Singhania, I need to make a call and my phone is dead, give me yours."

"Here Akshay, keep it with you. I have to pack food for way, so I am going downstairs."


I immediately called Alex and asked him to email me all the information about her.


Sanjana's POV:

I am excited about the trip maybe this will be able to bring us together. I decided to drive as Ma has strictly ordered Akshay to rest and he was peacefully sleeping.

All the planning of Ma was wasted. I did not know what to expect in a village so it is kind of exciting for me. I had seen the life of village while working but I myself has never been to a village. I know I will be able to manage everything but there is just little worry as I don't want to disappoint Ma. 


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