Chapter - 21

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

I was woken up by constant knocking on the door. I wake up distorted followed by Akshay's groaning. He rolled on the bed and tried to get up when I asked him not to get up "Akshay, lete rahiye aap (Keep resting). You have fever." 

I glanced at clock and found it is 09:00 o'clock in the morning. I opened the door and it was Alex on the door.

"Sanjana, Sir had an early breakfast meeting. Is he not awake yet?" He asked.

"No, cancel all his meetings for the day. He has fever." I told him.

"Have you called Doctor?" He asked worried. 

"No, I have give him medicine and he is fine now, just need some rest." I explained.

"Ok, call me if you need anything." And with that he left, I closed the door and retreated back only to find Akshay scowling.

"What's wrong?" I asked him worried if he is discomforted in some way.

"Who gave you authority to order cancellation of my meetings?" He asked frowning.

"I don't need authority from you. I already have as your wife. If you forget, let me remind you- As per Indian Law a wife has full rights on husband's assets." I replied him smiling sweetly.

"Women like you should not have knowledge of law, you use it to abuse your poor husbands." He muttered pouting.

"If you are trying to be cute, too bad its not working with your frown and scowl you look like you are ready to murder someone." I teased him while folding my arms.

"I am cute. I don't need your speculations on it." He muttered still frowning.

"Leave it, what you want to eat for breakfast? Will Khichdi (light dish made with rice and vegetables) be alright?" I asked him.

"Yuck no." He said while making faces. "I want aloo paratha(stuffed potato bread)." He said after he was done with making faces.

"Its too heavy, you are not getting it. You can have oats or khichdi. Choose any." I scolded him for wanting to eat paratha, that too of aloo.

"I am not having breakfast, if I am not getting aloo parantha." He announced sulking and stubbornly raised his head like a defiant child.

"Go ahead, behave like a spoiled child. I am sending MA to deal with you." I muttered frustated while he just rolled his eyes at me.


I was bathed and dressed for the day. I was in kitchen making daliya for Akshay when Ma came in the kitchen.

"Kiske liye khichdi bana rhi ho (For whom are you khichdi?") . She asked.

"Ma, for Akshya. Alex did not tell you that he has a mild fever." I said while taking the pot from stove.

"What? How is he now? Wait, I will check myself." And after that she rushed out from the kitchen frantically.

I put the bowl of khicdi and juice in tray and proceeded toward our room, on the way I met with Nivaana.

"Where is Akshay? He did not came downstairs today." She asked.

Is she his PA or something that she must be aware of his whereabouts every second. But out of courtesy, I politely told her. Even though there was nothing polite about my thoughts of strangling her. She followed me like a love sick puppy to our room.

I mean if her worry for him would have been genuine as a friend, I would have been ecscatic but she is behaving as if she is his wife, not me. I thought scowling darkly.

Akshay was laid on bed with his head in his mom's lap, his hands wounded around her waist as she caressed her hair gently. 

"Akshay, are you okay?" I asked Nivaana taking seat beside Ma as if its her room.

"Fine." Muttered Akshay.

"Akshay, come on get up. Have your breakfast, so that you can take medicine." I asked him while placing the tray on side table.

"I am not eating daliya or khicdhi. I want aloo parantha." What the heck, he is stuck on the same thing.

"Akshay, aap nhi kha sakte. (You can not eat.) You get well soon and then I will make aloo ka paratha for you." I tried coaxing him.

"I want it now. Not tommorrow or any other day." He shouted suddenly making me jump.

"Akshay, I will make aloo ka paratha for you." Nivaana said. Is she insane? 

This much heavy food can be harmful for his health.

"No, he is not getting aloo ka paratha." Ma intervened. Akshay lifted her head from her lap and put a pillow covering his head.

"Akshay, enough of your tantrums Have your food, now." When Ma scolded him, he got up like an obedient child and ask her to feed him.

Nivaana left after some time. Akshay was give his medicine and now he was sleeping, when Ma was about to leave, I worriedly ask her "Ma, should we call the doctor? I think, his fever has reached his brain." 

"No Sanjana. He usually behaves like this when he is sick. I guess, he lets his guards down and show his emotions fully." She muttered, her voice full of sorrow.

"I hope the day, he shows his true self to you come soon." She added after gazing at him for sometime and left the room.

I sat on the bed and caressed his hair trying to get the gist of mystery that Akshay Singhania is. He is such an engima which straightly attracts you to figure him out and hopefully I will be the one to figure him out.

Unknown's POV:

The Akshay Singhania. I am going to destroy the very essence of you, the same way I destroyed your lovely sister Kirti.

"Is our spy active?" I asked my right-hand man.

"Yes and now will ever came to know that someone from Singhania Mansion itself is selling the owner out." He said laughing evilly.

"This time we are going to fully destroy him and his empire." Said the boss while taking out a file with the tag showing "Singhania's Financial Records."


But guess the evils did not know that the Akshay Singhania has a shield so powerful that no one can even think of destroying it. The shield of true love. The shield in form of his wife.


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