Chapter - 54

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Venice, Italy

Sanjana's POV:

After our magical date yesterday night, I woke up in our hotel room. I had fallen asleep in Akshay's embrace after 2 hours or so. He must have carried me here.

I am head over heels for this guy and my love for him is only increasing day by day. Where is Akshay? The shower is not running, his bed side is cold - it means he is quite awake for sometime. There was breakfast platter laid down on bedside table.

It had pancakes with maple syrup, toasted bread and butter, some Italian cookie and caffe latte. My morning sickness has not hit me yet, so all is good in the hood.


I had freshen up and was about to call Akshay when a knock resonated through the room. I was in Akshay's shirt, so I put a robe on.

I opened the door to find Ahaana standing there. What is this witch doing here? I was about to close the door on her face when she for the first time politely asked "Can we please talk?"

"Say whatever you want to say here only." I don't want her intruding Akshay's and my space. She first glanced here and there to ensure that the corridor was empty and in a very low tune continued.. " Can you persuade Akshay not to bankrupt my dad's company?" 

Akshay is taking this serious action, it means something must have happened which I am not aware of but what and when?

"And why would I do that?" My inner bitch was fully on front foot.

"I will not interfere in your relationship here after. I will not hassel Akshay and I will never show my face in front of you." She promised.

"What gives you impression that you can interfere in our relationship and since you have offended Akshay to the point he does not even care about your elderly parents that you can still show your face in front of me?" I interrogated fully enjoying seeing this bitch in her place.

"Look, I agree that I was a bitch but I can't give the life I have now and for that I am ready to strip my pride as well. You don't need to be a bigger bitch than me." She growled. 

"You still have the audacity to talk to me in this tone knowing fully well that I have your neck in my fist makes me vary of you." 

"Anyway, I will persuade Akshay to let you go but on a condition. You will be my slave for next 24 hours. If you agree, I will do as I say. You have an hour to think about it." And with that I closed the door on her face. 

I texted my husband asking about what's this new drama is. After a minute, I received his call and he explained what happened yesterday night. 

Apparently, when Akshay entered our room last night with me in his arm, this bitch was lying naked on our bed. In short, Akshay threw her out but before giving her a robe to protect her chastity. 

Now, I understand why sheets are different from earlier. He must have asked for them to be changed. The question that bugged me was how she entered our room? The answer to the same was she seduced the hotel manager and boom. 

I told him about what transpired just now and he was on same page as me. I will not lower myself to her standard but I will definitely teach her a lesson to not mess with my husband. 



6 months later... 

I am heavily pregnant. So, pregnant that I can't wait to push this watermelon out of me. Ma was right that it is not easy but the excitement to see little bean is still there. 

The first day the baby kicked was when Akshay was caressing my stomach and talking about his latest business acquisition. It was almost 4 months earlier but I can still distinctly remember the happiness followed there after. 

I cried after an hour remembering that baby kicked when Akshay was talking business. It took two tubs of ice-cream and a whole lot of pampering from Akshay to make me return my normal self. 

Now, also he kicks up a storm whenever someone talks business. Akshay is over the moon obviously and me not so much. It feels like I have jinxed my baby when I wished for him not to be like Akshay. 

My due date is a week away and the whole family is all over the place trying to set everything perfectly for the new addition. My mother wanted me to be with her but I refused as I did not want to separate from Akshay. Ma intervened otherwise my mother was hell bent on taking me to Delhi. 

One thing is for sure that my child is going to be spoiled rotten by this family. Thank god he will have Akshay as his father to control him. That rude man.. oww. The baby kicked. 

"Okay okay, I will not talk bad about your dada." I grumbled. Whenever somebody say anything bad about Akshay he kicks hard. His kicks when listening to business talks are sweet little giddy kicks which gives you the ticklish feeling contrary to hard kicks - which are triggered as soon as someone's badmouth Akshay. 

And when Akshay teases me, he does not even react. I can't believe it, I am the one who is carrying him and he is protective over his Dad who other than making fun of me does nothing for him. 


It does not matter whom he loves the most, we both will love him equally and to the ends of earth. Akshay who initially wanted princess, is now so smitted with the child that his view has changed. Now, he is of opinion that it does not matter as long as baby is healthy and happy. The contributing factor in this is definitely the baby's behaviour. 

It is baby and Akshay on one side and poor little me on another. The life is going to be fun with these two rascals around me and once again I was rewarded with a hard kick. 


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