Chapter - 33

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Singhania's Villa, 
Singhania Estate,
Outskirts of Mumbai. 

Sanjana's POV:

I wake up to butterfly kisses of my husband and instantly a smile lit up on my face. I turned towards him to find him gazing at me. His eyes conveying his happiness. He nuzzled his head in my neck and whispered "Good Morning." His voice husky which made me remind of our last night together. I blushed just thinking about it.

"Good Morning." I whispered back. While running my hand through his extremely soft and silky hair.

"What were you just thinking about?" He asked while raising his head from my neck.

"Umm, nothing." I muttered embarrassed.

"Liar." He accused and continued "You know na, I have my ways to get truth out of you. So tell me." He threatened.

"I need to go. I need to use bathroom." I asserted and pushed him away from me which caused the sheets to slid down and it made me realised that I was naked. Seeing me embarrassed, Akshay quickly adjusted the sheets to cover me up.

"Sanjana, look at me." He asked but I did not. It is mortifying especially after last night.

Akshay turned me towards himself and kissed me on my forehead. "Baby, you know that whatever happened between us is natural between husband and wife. No need to be shy." He enunciated each word as if trying to assert a point to a child.

"I am not shy. I am Sanjana Singhania." I sharply reasoned and let the sheets go.

He inhaled sharply seeing me like that and dragged me towrads himself and again we were lost in each other.

After our lovemaking, I was randomly talking and Akshay was pretending to listening to me.

"Where is your cell by the way? Its a miracle that it has not ringed yet." I muttered.

Akshay gazed at me incredulously and muttered "I turned it off last night."

"Would not your second wife and third wife missing you?" I muttered sourly thinking about his company and Alex.

"Today is reserved for my first and most important wife." He stated playing along with me.

"Let's see how long your wives are going to stay away from you." I blurted out and on the que a knock sounded on the door. 

I gazed at Akshay bitterly and turned away from him as he started to get away without wearing anything. I heard the shuffle of clothes and turned around again to find him clad in a towel as he answered the door. 

It was Alex and he has with him all the our morning essentials. Akshay collected all and deposited them on the sette and came towrads me. I let him do his thing until I realised he was there to take me to bathroom. Sudden love for him surged in me. He lifted me along with the sheets. 

"What is it?" He aksed when he saw me gazing at him like a lovesick fool. I shook my head and let him do what he wanted to. 

After half hour we both were ready to have our lunch. 

The housekeeper has made mexican garden salad, quesadilla and rice bowl. After eating Mexican so many times with Akshay I started apprecaiting the flavours of the food. 

Akshay and I were eating in silence. I just felt content sitting with him. 

"Sanjana, we can leave in evening. Till then I can show you the estates." He stated-asked. 

What the heck can be here to see? But, I nodded anyways. We finished our lunch. 

"Let's go Akshay." I asked after depositing our dishes in the sink. 

"Change first. Wear Jeans and boots." I was in dress and heels. 

"What's wrong with this?" I asked. 

Akshay gazed at me, making me feel like queen of fools. "Baby, we are going for landscaping not for runway." He muttered and I just ignored him and changed into a cargo t-shirt which is Akshay's by the way and jean shorts paired with boots. I added a hat for whole hiking look. 

"Akshay, let's go. I am ready." I shouted while skipping down the stairs.

He put his newspaper down and glanced me. He shake his head in exasperation but did not comment on my choice of clothes.

"Why are you wearing my tee?" He asked while taking my hand in his and we started our journey. 

"Because I like this one best." I casually answered. 

"What if the tee you like best is of someone other than me?" He questioned. 

"Are you jealous?" I asked astonished. 

"No, I am not. I am just asking out of curiosity." He muttered. 

"I am not buying that and the answer to your question is yes." I answered to rile him up. 

"Then go ahead, go landscaping with that someone whose tee your are going to wear." And with that he left my hand and disappeared somewhere among the trees. I just realised that the villa was nowhere to be seen and we have come very far in a place covered with tall trees, grass, shrubs and all. 

I can find my way back myself. I am an IAS officer and I am very good with directions. I tried to console myself but to no avail. 

After 1 hour, I was tired, frustated, scared and lost.

"Akshay.. AKSHAY." I shouted hoping he would come.

"I  am sorry. Please come. I am sorry. AKSHAY." I shouted once again and when he did not came. I sat by the tree nearby and cried. It felt like I was in dark forest. There was no sunlight and it is just scary. The sound of insects was making it more scarier and I was in shorts. I had to ward off so many insects off my legs.

I was hungry, thirsty and alone in this scary place.

Akshay's POV:

I hope Sanjana has not gone that far. I should not have left her like that. What if she gets lost? Not that this place has wild animals but it is private forest, the chances of snakes, poisnous spiders are very high.

Hopefully, she is okay. I should find her now. I had just moved for about 200 m whenI heard her scream. My heart leapt in my throat.

God, I have never asked anything from you. Just make sure my Sanjana is alright. 

"Sanjana.. SANJANA" I shouted hoping she will know I am nearby. Another scream was heard. I ran toward the direction and found Sanjana scared and backing up in tree. 

She was safe. I ran towards her and hugged her hard. Hiding her from her fears in my arms. 

"Baby, I am here. Shh. Calm down." I whispered while hugging her. 

"A.. Akshay.. you.. a.. are very bad. You left me alone. I... I was... very....s....scared." She said in between hiccups. 

"I am sorry, Baby. No need to be scared. I am here now." I said while kissing her in her hair. 

"Why did you scream?" I asked her while glancing at my surroundings and finding nothing. 

"T.. There was thing h.. huge and s.. scary... r.. rat." She murmured cutely while hugging me harder. My baby is scared of rats. 

"Its not here now. Comeon, lets go to lake." With that I kept her in my arms sideways and steered towards lake. 


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