Chapter - 8

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Singhania Haveli



Sanjana's POV:

Akshay has been in a foul mood since yesterday.  Every member of the family was on his/her toes.

Nobody wanted to face his wrath. Only Ma was the one who had reprimanded him to control his anger.

Even Dadi, Kishori bua and Avantika were behaving and prevent themselves from creating any further nuisance.

I was arranging the bed covers when a frustated Akshay enters into the room while banging the door loudly. 

I just ignored him because MA has cautioned me not to aggravate him further. As if I don't know : he is not aggravated enough. 

He paces from one end to other end of room for few times while muttering to himself. Nobody in the house has seen him loosing his self-control like this. Whatever the reason behind his agitation was it, it was some serious matter.

He deep breathed quite a few times and composed himself. 

"Sanjana, ask Kirti to meet me within next ten minutes."

"Ok, anything else?" I asked.

"No." He said and left for the bathroom.

I left the room to call Kirti Di when I reached room, I saw that she was not alone but Dadi and Avantika were with her in her room.

I knocked and enter.

"Yes Sanjana?" She asked.

"Kirti Di, Akshay is calling you in his room."

"And why is he calling me, Sanjana?" 

"That I am not aware Di but he asked me to inform you he wants to meet you within next ten minutes."

"Then tell him that if he has some work with me, he can come here by himself and can talk to me." She haughtily replied.

"Look Di, I just informed you what Akshay had said to me but let me advise you it will be beneficial all of us if you do not meet him soon and please try not to anger him further." I politely replied to her.

"Keep your opinion to yourself." With that she slammed door on my face.

I left from there shaking my head at her stubborness and high headedness.

I immediately informed MA what has transversed in last five minutes.

She tried to coax Kirti Di but all in vain. I asked Ma to inform Akshay that Kirti Di has denied because I was seriously terrified of his anger. That man intimidates me like no other.

I was preparing Mac' n cheese for Abhiaynk and Abhilasha (children of the family) when a sudden commotion from the hall attracted my attention. I, Milapriya bhabhi and Khusali bhabhi came out to check the ruckus. 

Akshay was sitting on the sofa opposite to the staircase and everyone else was standing on the sidelines and a screaming and screeching Kirti Di was dragged infront of Akshay by two bodyguards.

Akshay signalled the guards to leave and they left immediately.

"Kirti, I had asked you to meet me. Have not I? Why did not you?" Akshay asked her in composed and controlled voice.

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