Chapter - 44

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Singhania Mansion

Mumbai, India

Sanjana's POV:

After our lovemaking, I am lying in Akshay's arms. He is in deep thoughts as he caress my back.

"What are you thinking about?" I interrogated though I am fully satiated my curiosity not so much.

"You have to know everything, don't you?" He teased while pinching my side breast. I squealed at his sudden attack.

"Tell me." I demanded while holding his hand in order to prevent him from any tricks.

"Your body has changed." He muttered while appreciatively gazing at my upper naked self. His brazen gaze made me shy and I drew the sheets to cover me up.

"Baby, I have seen it all and many times." He laughed at my attempt to cover my modesty.

"You are so shameless, just go away." I groaned while hiding my face in my hands.

"Just a while ago, you were desperate to diminish even a inch of space between and now you are telling me to go away. Well, you take 180° turn way too fast." He mocked me while drawing me in his arms. 

"Let me go, Akshay. Its day time and I need to have a talk with Ma." I said after a while when I realised he has no intention of getting out or letting me get out of the bed.

"Whatever you want to talk with Mom, you can always talk with me." His grip on me tightening. 

"Okay, tell me then what should I do when I have morning sickness tomorrow?" I sarcastically asked. 

"Go but come fast." He muttered sleepily his eyes drooping. He has not been able to sleep even for 5 hours since last few days. At some point, he also needs rest.  

"I will." I promised while kissing him on his temple. With that I exited the room only to find Alex coming this way. Akshay has just slept and I cannot let this brute wake him. 

"How can I help you, Alex?" I asked while making sure to block the door. 

"Some matters needs immediate attention of Mr. Singhania." He politely muttered with his usual emotionless face. 

"And may I know what these matters are?" I asked while crossing my arms. It is my battle ready position. 

"It's some business matters." He evaded the question. 

"Just tell me one thing, you are CSO of Singhania Corporation and you do not hold any executive position, so why are you discussing business matters with him not his secretary?" I asked. Seeing him unable to answer I raised a mocking brow at him. 

"It's because I am his right hand man." He said unsurely after a while. I scoffed at his answer. 

"Why don't you just say you can't tell me?" I interrogated him.

"Actually, I am not quite sure if I can tell you or not." His stance changing a little seeing my elated expression.

"You mean Akshay has said something about me being involved in business matters." I gushed elatedly.

"Not particularly." He answered deflating all my happiness.

"You can leave then, Akshay is sleeping. And, you can go to Amber's Cafe for your date tomorrow at 6 in evening." I dryly muttered and left him gaping like an idiot at the door.

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