Chapter - 49

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Sanjana's POV:

I woke up from the best sleep of my life only to find space beside me cold and empty.

Where is Akshay? I thought to myself as I get out of the bed only to realize I am hungry. I can find Akshay later, first I need food. Some spicy and salty food. My mouth watered at the thought of some spicy Paanipuri.

I freshened up quickly and went downstairs. 

"Amrita, Ask someone to bring me plates of spicy Paanipuri, make sure it is from roadside stall not some fancy hotel." I quickly asked her while reaching for the pantry to take out some chilli flavoured chips. 

"Ma'am, I will ask Neil to get you this as soon as possible." She chirped and went away while I smiled widely at her. 

Mila and Geetanjali Bhabhi came to kitchen after sometime to prepare dinner only to find me stuffing whatever I can get my hands on. 

"Sanjana, do you want something specific for dinner?" Geetanjali Bhabhi asked. 

"Yes, please make some spicy Chole-Rice." I told, mouthful. 

"You can swallow first and then can tell, no need to be in so much rush." Mila Bhabhi mildly reprimanded me while I just grinned at her foolishly. 

After stuffing some good amount of chips, some frozen acai berries, raspberries and goji berries, I was content for the time being. 

After I was full, I remembered Akshay, where is he? 

"Bhabhi, where is Akshay?" I asked Geetanjali Bhabhi. 

"He is with Mummy Ji outside in the  back garden." As soon as she replied I was out of my chair to on my way to back garden. 

Akshay and Mummy Ji were in some deep discussion, I did not paid any heeds to that and occupied the seat next to Akshay while plugging in my earphones listening to Elvis Presley. Both of them glanced over me - just shook their head at me and went back to their discussion. 

I snuggled into Akshay as I know Mummy Ji will not have problem with it. She smiled at me and they continued talking while I took in the delicious smell of Akshay. It is spicy-cinnamon and all male. It just soothes me. 

Akshay started playing with my hair absent- minded and I fully enjoyed the sensation it provided me. It was so relaxing that I was verge on falling asleep, when Akshay took out my earphone buds.

"Your spicy paanipuri is here." Akshay answered when I was gazing at him questioningly.

I glanced toward the table to find my paanipuri ready to be devoured. The aloo was already stuffed into puris and I just have to dip it into spicy paani and devour it.

I did not even wait for a second as I started gobbling up the delicious paanipuri. 1 plate has 6, so there were total 24 paanipuri. I had eaten 23 when I realized I did not even offered Mummy Ji and Akshay.

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