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Singhania Haveli




Sanjana's POV:

The Singhania's Haveli (small palace) at Devnagar has a vintage styled theme which seems to be refurbished shortly. It was a medium size haveli with around 7-8 rooms.

Akshay was still sleeping as he was quite tired after the flight. I poke his arm thrice after which he strirred a bit.

"Akshay, we have reached. "

"I am awake."

I exit the car and started moving toward the haveli door, when Milapriya bhabhi said "Sanjana, you are newly married woman till the time you are here you will have to cover your head."

With that said, I pulled the one end of my saree over my head. "Soory bhabhi, I thought you and Ma did not cover. I also don't have to cover."

"Its alright and be careful Akshay's dadi (grandma) is very strict when it comes to traditions."

"Ok, I will be careful and you need to enter the house with Akshay after aarti (an Indian ritual of welcoming). "

"Sure, bhabhi."

I glanced toward Akshay and he was still talking to Alex and his other bodyguards in the yard of the Haveli.

When he approached me he asked " Why are you standing here?"

"Actually, we need to enter in the house together after aarti."

"Bloody nonsense."

With that he stride toward the house furiously. I don't know what got him angered so much suddenly. But I followed him.

He started entering the house when Ma stopped him. There were around 21 members of the whole family standing and watching.

"Till aarti is not done, you are not allowed to enter in the house."

"You know, I don't believe in all this crap and to hell with the rituals. I am not gonna follow thes. So, are you allowing me to enter the house without all this shit or not?"


"Fine, then I and Mrs. Singhania are going to enter anyway." With that grabbed my hand and dragged me inside the house and all the family memebers watching him with their jaws open.

"Mrs. Singhania, my room is second on the right down the hallway and unpack my clothes."



Akshay's POV:

I asked Sanjana to leave the room because I need to warn everyone present here of the upcoming events. My grandmother and grandfather were not present here.

"Akshay, everytime you cannot get what you want. There are some traditions of the family - which you being a part of the family needs to follow."

"Look, you can lecture me all you want later but for now- everyone settle yourself. I need to discuss something important meanwhile Geetanjali bring me a glass of water."

Everyone was familiar with the way Akshay Singhania work so without questioning everyone settled themselves down. 

Geetanjali came with a glass of water and he gulped it down.

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