Chapter - 14

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Singhania Mansion


Akshay's POV:

Sanjana was in my arms and she was sobbing hard. I did not know what to do? So I just hold her and asked her to keep quiet. Why it is so difficult to pacify a crying women?

I guess it's a question that male species does not have an answer for.

"Sanjana Shh! Calm down, I don't know why are you crying but there is no point in crying over shit that happened, you just need to fight with it."

My words have no effect on her. My $30000 suit was completely drenched in her tears. My subconcise rolled its eyes on my ever present materialistic, calculative mind.

Now, her sobbing stopped and she was hiccuping. I made her sit on the bed and made her drink water.

"You Okay, now?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I am fine." She replied.

"Go, freshen up."


Sanjana's POV:

Akshay does not even know how to comfort someone. Like seriously. But anyway, I love him the way he is.

I washed my face and came out and see him rummaging through the files.

"Akshay, you searching for something? Tell me, maybe I can help you."

"I need file No: XXX1267_QW. Its blue in colour."

"You don't usually keep your files here."

"Yeah, but its important one, so I put among these."

I searched all the drawers and racks but was unable to find the file.

"Akshay, its not here." Frustation can be clearly seen on his face.

"Goddamnit, where the hell can it go." He shouted and hit the rack with its fist, causing it to rattle and came down crashing. Thankfully, I was standing away from it.

"Akshay, Calm down."

"Calm Down, Calm Down! Do you even know what's even in there?" He shouted at me.

"It has all the bloody financial record of Singhania Corporation, confidential records of My personal bank accounts and what not relating to the funds. Fuck!."

He was now pacing down the whole from one end of room to another. He took out his phone and dialled a number.

"I want you in my room in 30 seconds." He snap-shouted at whoever was on the other side.

Thirty second later, Alex appeared.

"Sir, what's wrong?" He asked.

Akshay grabbed his collar.

"You are asking me what's wrong. Let me tell you what's wrong. The whole financial record of my personal accounts and Singhania Corporation are missing." He shouted in Alex's face.

"I want the damn file in front of me within 2-hours. If not I will personally make sure that you don't leave bed for next six months."

"Get lost."

I was a silent spectator of whatever was happening. Akshay was scary when he is angry. I have never found him this intimidating.

I encouraged myself and faced the devil.

I stand in the middle of his way of pacing. He abruptly stopped.

"Akshay.." Seeing his angry eyes only a whisper came out of my mouth.

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