Chapter - 29

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POv:

I was rudely waken up by the splashes of the cold water.

I opened my eyes to find the devil Akshay smirking at me with a smug look.

"Whats wrong with you?" I tried to but failed miserably as I was shaking like a leaf in storm.

"Baby, It is just a trailer of what happens to those who does not listen to me. Get ready to enjoy your hellish day." With that he sauntered out of room like boss. Ughh! Why can't I take my mind off his damn hotness?

I hot showered and get ready to face the devil with renewed determination.


Akshay's POV:

"Alex? What's the update on Rakesh?" I asked him as soon as I entered my home office.

"He is extremely frustrated as you figured out his plan." He responded.

"Good, Keep an eye on him 24*7. I want updates on his activity everyhour."

"Will that be all, Sir?" He asked when I started working on some pending projects of Singhania Corporation.

"No, Sanjana should not leave this house at any cost. That's all." With that I dismissed him.

The first and foremost target if Rakesh will be Sanjan only and I don't want to take any risks when her safety is concerned.

Sanjana's POV:

I am helping Mila bhabhi in making lunch when she requested me "Sanjana, there is no fresh fruits for juice at home. Please bring some." 

"Ofcourse Bhabhi. I will be back in five minutes." With that I left the kitchen and came to hall. 

"Ma, I am going to market. Will be back in 5 minutes." I informed her and turned to leave when Alex stopped me.

"Sanjana, I am sorry but we have strict orders for not letting you go outside house." 

"What the hell? Why?" I asked. 

"Security purposes." He replied monotonously. 

"Ok, then go ahead and buy fruits from vendor." I grumbled while folding my arms. 

"Will be brought in 5 minutes." With that he left from there and I made my way to find my dear husband. 

I barged into his office without knocking only to find him busy talking business on his phone. 

He glared at me and I sheepishly mouthed a sorry. He motioned me to sit on the couch. 

I sat there and waited for him to finish his call. 

"What are you here for Sanjana?" He asks while typing away on his macbook. He should have married his company. 

"Why I am not allowed to go out of the house? How long are we going to have same old argument?" I questioned frustated. 

"As long as you don't understand that you are not a commoner anymore but my wife and it comes both with perks and adjustment. Yours is to adjust with having to follow certain rules regarding your safety." He replied in a calm voice. 

"I hate to break it to you Akshay. I can decide what is wrong and right for me and I am not going to compromise on my freedom. I will let you dictate my life till Rakesh is out in streets after that I will do what I want to." I muttered while glaring at side of his head. 

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