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Disclaimer :

I am a person who believes in freedom of religion. I have included my personal opinion regarding the religious situation in India. Again, I am reiterating that its my personal opinion.

Second, some reader is saying that what I have written about divorce causes misunderstanding and I don't have proper knowledge of divorce. I am a law student, completed my bachelors-I know all about divorce that is their to know. While working with an NGO for women, I have firsthand seen what women have to face.

-Let me make this very clear. Divorce in India is legal, this is common understanding but the atrocities and slut shaming that divorcee women in India has to go through is not hidden from anyone. (And don't attach it to religion)

-Let me explain the spirituality point of marriage. In almost all religions marriage is considered sacred but in the subcontinent region the spirituality  context of marriage is way higher and as per few scholars this causes an unconscious bias against divorce.

And when it comes to divorcee women in rural areas, if she is with a child, she is forced to abandon that child for her second marriage incase she does not have any means of livelihood, she has to forcefully take this step.

So, it does not spread negativity, it sheds light on what women have to go through. What this book is mentioning is not even 1 % of what the divorcee women have to go through.


Female Protagonist: Sanjana Kashyap--24y

Profession: IAS Officer, Posted in Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Male Protagonist : Akshay Singhania--28y

Profession: CEO & Owner- Singhania Corporation, Mumbai, India



10:00 o' clock

26th September 2015

District Collector Office


Every single person working in the office was on their toes, trying to arrange each and every single thing perfectly as the District Collector of Jodhpur district will be arriving with the MLA in almost 15 minutes.

The meeting will be held between the executive officer and a part of state legislature with the objective of opening of 20 schools in district for the girl child.

Jodhpur even though is a developed city but the villages under this district are still backward and the rate of the education for girls is very low.

So, to improve the literacy rate of the girls in district this meeting was held.

At exact 10:15, a beautiful woman entered the office accompained by a 52 year old politician decked in white kurta-payjama.

"Sir, Welcome to DC's office." The woman greeted professionally.

"Thank you, Ms. Kashyap."

"Sir, thanks to you for taking out time to come for this meeting."

"Its a noble cause, Ms. Kashyap, so I have to come."

"Absolutely Sir, your social works are indeed prominent and will definitely help you in fetching the votes for the upcoming elections."

"You can count votes as additional benefit of my passion of helping people."

"Yes sir, so can we start our discussion?"

"Let's do this." Replied the MLA.

After a detailed discussion of 2 hours, the location, budget and infrastructure was decided.

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