Chapter - 42

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Singhania Corporation

Mumbai, India

Akshay's POV:

Sanjana is still unconscious. My mother has gone out to inform everyone.

I gazed at her motionless body lying on the couch and suddenly the gravity of her being pregnant hit me hard. She is carrying my child. I shifted from the chair opposite to her to where she was laying down.

I gently placed her head in my lap. 

"Hey Sanjana, you wanted to have a baby, so we are having one now. So, wake up." I whispered to her, there was no response from her, she was as still as before. 

My mother came back to the room bouncing on her feet. The happiness can be seen in her eyes. 

"Mother, this is not your first grandchild, so you toning down your excitement will be appreciated." I muttered to her while making myself more comfortable on the couch. 

"It's my favourite's baby first baby, I have to be excited." She exclaimed. 

"Don't let Kirti know that I said this." She whispered after a moment on realizing what she just said. 

"What should I not know?" Kirti asks as she enters the room. 

"You are here at correct time. Mom was just saying.." I started but my mother cut me off exclaiming "Sanjana is pregnant." 

Kirti was dumbstruck for a moment and after that she blurted out "Wow Bro, for someone who did not wanted to get married at all, you sure do work fast."

I was about to retort her jab when movement from Sanjana draw our attention. 

Sanjana's POV:

I am feeling so tired and hazy. Where am I? The last thing I remember is me attending a meeting. What's happening? I tried to get up but someone restrained me from doing so. 

"Baby, carefully." I glanced upwards to see Akshay. He helped me in a sitting position against couch. 

"Kirti, call doctor." He muttered to her as he adjusted some pillows to make me comfortable. Ma was also in the room. 

"What happened? Why call a doctor?" I asked him. 

"Sanjana, I will answer all your question but first drink this juice." He answered while handing me a glass of juice. I took the glass from him and finished in one gulp realising that I am super hungry. 

"Baby, this will not run away. Drink slowly." He said while rolling his eyes at me. 

"Sanjana, he is right. Drink carefully." Ma muttered while taking a seat opposite us. 

"I am sorry. It's just that I am hungry." I muttered. 

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