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Post Wedding Rituals
Akshay and Sanjana's Room
Singhania Mansion

Sanjana's POV:

I am waiting for my husband in his room. This wait is itself magical. I cannot wait to talk to him, to see him and feel him. The room is beautifully decorated with fairy lights and rose petals. The theme of the room is black and red with minimal white. It was tastefully done. The hanging lights in the corner are giving the room a warm glow and rose petals on the bed are creating a romantic atmosphere.

My chain of thoughts was broken when my husband came in my room dressed in white full sleeved round neck shirt with its sleeves folded till elbows and light grey sweatpants.

"Mrs. Singhania, I need to clarify few things." He said formally. Okay, he can do his way. For now, I will listen to him.

"Please continue."

" I agreed to marry you only because of my mother. I do not believe in love so do not expect me to love you. You are my wife in eyes of my family and society only. I will fufill my duties as husband and I will expect the same from you. Am I clear?"

His words pierced my heart. How cruel can he be? His words brought tear to my eyes but I will not cry in front of him and  his mother has already told me what I was signing for and it was my decision to go with it. So, I will face all the consequences bravely.

"Yes, anything else?" I asked in a strong voice not wanting to show him the hurt and pain I was feeling.

"Pack my bags. I am leaving in morning for States. I am asking you because till now my mother and maids use to do it for me now I cannot ask her to do so."

"Akshay, you need not to clarify I am your wife whether you accept it or not. As your wife it is my duty to take care of you. It will be done. Now, Can I be excused?"

"Sure." He dismissed me. His talk was so formal. It was as if  he was not talking with his newly wedded wife but his employee.

I made my way towards bathroom after taking out my pajyamas. As soon as, I closed the door my tears started flowing non stop.

I am not gonna let myself and his mother down. She had trusted me with him. I am not going to let her trust go down the drain.

I composed my self and started removing my heavy jewellery. After that I let my hair out of bun and cleaned my makeup. I left the chura (bangels worn by bride) and mangalsutra (a chain which signifies the status of marriage) . It is something which I cannot remove for 3 months. After that I changed in my pajyams. It was monochrome light skinpeach silk pyjamas which I absolutely adore for the comfort it provides.

After that I folded all my wedding dress and jewellery and placed it in cupboard. My husband does not like to share his walk-in- closet. His mother has renovated the room with two cupboards for my clothes.

While I was changing Akshay was busy working on his laptop. This man does not get tired or what. Today was the most hectic day of our lives or maybe not for him. He does not have to wear 10 kjs of clothes and jewellery for freaking 10 hours.

"Akshay, please get some rest as you have to wake up early for your morning flight."

"You sleep, I am left with some work I will sleep when it is finished."

"Good Night."


Morning 06:00
Next day

I am getting ready for the day. I has freshen up, showered, has wore my red saree with golden embroidery and my heels. My chura, mangalsutra and my sindoor (vermillion put on forehead by married Indian women) are my only jewellery.

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