Chapter - 32

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Sanjana's POV:

Akshay and I am in a car driving to god knows where?

After dragging me out in front of whole family, my parents and few guests I was deposited in this car without a word.

"Akshay, where are we going?" I questioned while rummaging through the car's dashboard.

"Out." He muttered. As if I don't know this. 

"So, tell me about Ahaana and your love story?" I asked him out of blue. 

Akshay was stunned for a moment and whipped his neck so fast toward me, for a second I thought he broke it. 

"Which wife would want to know about her husband's past rendezvous?" He asked exasperated. 

"I want to know how in the hell a cold, ruthless devil like you was able to fall in love and impress a girl?" I blurted out. 

"What did you just called me? A cold, ruthless devil?" He asked while glaring at me. 

I nervously laughed. "I.. I never said that. I meant lovable and caring." I stuttered. 

"That's more like it." He said while seeming way too pleased with himself. 

"So, the story?" I reminded him while checking my makeup. 

"I was in 10th grade when our class had a new transfer student and it was Ahaana. She was very beautiful and she had returned from States. So she was very different from other girls. She became very popular especially among boys because of her dre... I mean you know how high school is?" He paused and retracted when he saw me glaring at him. 

"I know, baby." I said in a sickeningly sweet voice. 

"Yeah, so the teacher made her, me and few other students partner in a science project. I have never been a team worker. As far as I am leading, it is okay. If someone else is leading, that's not my cup of tea."

"Such a revelation." I sarcastically interrupted. 

"If you want to know, then don't interrupt." He glared while maneuvering the car. 

"I will shut myself up." I replied not wanting him to stop. 

"So, there were Pranab, Akshita, Neil, Sonal, Ahaana and me in our group. Akshita used to like Neil but was girlfriend of Pranab. Sonal used to like me but was girlfriend of Neil. I was in a half-relationship with Nitara.----What the heck is half-relationship? ----But she was part of another group. Nitara and mine situation was a little complicated. We were casually dating but we were also not in a relationship. " 

My mind was baffled with all the complicated relationships. Is high school like this? I questioned myself. Thank God, I stayed away from all the drama.

"What are you thinking?" Akshay aksed.

"Nothing, just that how clear your friends and your relationship was?" I commented absent-mindely.

"Yeah, everybody knew what they wanted." He agreed.

--He is dense. Tell me again how is he CEO of such a big conglomeration again?--

"It was just that we knew who we feel for but there are so many immaterial things which become a hindrance while taking decisions when we are not mature enough. That's what happened between my friends. Sometimes, it is social status, sometimes it is fear of rejection and so many. "

-That's why he is CEO of such a big corporation. - Sneered my Subconscious mind at me. 

"I see." I murmured, listening to all this drama I already had a headache. 

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