Chapter - 28

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

I was adjusting my blouse when I was forcefully turned around so fast that I crashed right into arms of a person and by the familiarity of those arms they are of my husband.

His hand snaked around my waist to prevent me from falling. We were so close to each other that there was not even a sliver of space between us. Our breaths mingling and hearts beating fast.

"You look beautiful, Sanjana." He whisphered and kissed me softly behind my ear.

I was lost in the sensation of his touch, his voice and him. For a minute I forget that I have an ulterior motive behind me getting ready.

He was about to kiss me when I pushed him away slightly.

"Akshay, I am getting late." I muttered while putting my hair in a messy updo.

"What?" He shouted perplexed.

"What? What?" I questioned while picking my clutch.

"You are not going anywhere wearing this piece of fabric you call clothes." He asserted. His persona of Akshay Singhania- the business magnate taking over.

Aww. Jealousy does suit my hubby. I mentally face palmed myself as soon as thought strike to me. Focus on your revenge Sanjana.

"Just a second before you said that I look beautiful." I reminded him and I left the room.

Akshay was on my heels. "Where the hell are you even going?" He asked frustated.

"To some club." I distractedly muttered texting my friends.

"Club?" Shouted Akshay.

"Yes club, Mr. Singhania - The place where young and fun people go on weekends to enjoy." To rile him up I added the definition of club.

"I do know what club is and you are not going." He shouted again and I rolled my eyes.

"You are my husband but you don't own me." I exasperatedly exclaimed.

"True. I don't own you but I own this mansion and everything goes as per my wishes." He said while raising his one brow and daring me to counter his statement.

When I remained silent he called Alex and asked him to seize all the entries and exit gates.

"Baby, I am going to club today whether you like it or not." I said while kissing him on cheek.

I pulled out my phone and called Kritika. The same one on whom our dear Alex crushes so hard.

As soon as she picked the phone- I asked her to get on Plan B without caring for greetings.

Alex's POV:

As instructed by Mr. Singhania I have instructed to seal all the entries and exits of the mansion.

I was working on the recruitment of two female bodyguards for Sanjana when I got a call and it was from Kritika. 

Yeah. Yeah. I have her number copied from the employee records of Singhania Corporation. In my defence, I have access to details of employees for authentication purposes.

I eagerly picked up the call. "Ms. Kapoor." I greeted her professionally.

"Mr. Martin, I am at the entry gate of Singhania Mansion and the guards here are saying that nobody is allowed to enter. Actually, I have to meet Sanjana- I mean, Mrs. Singhania." 

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