Chapter - 39

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Singhania's Mansion

Mumbai, India

Sanjana's POV:

What Akshay has said to Aahana has given me some kind of relief. Was there some kind of insecurity in my heart regarding Akshay and Aahana's past? 

Yes, there was and the reason is that he has still not confessed his love for me. 

I have not heard the full conversation between Aahana and Akshay and when I will know what had happened fully I will be more at peace. 

We are at dinner with Ranvijay's family, I remain silent knowing that conversation can wait till the dinner completes. 

"Kirti, do you plan on continuing your job immediately after marriage or take a break for few days?" Akshay asked Kirti Di. 

"I plan on continuing it." Kirti Di somberely replied. 

"Good, You will be joining Marketing Department tomorrow. Alex and Claire will brief you on your new job after we are done here." Akshay informed. 

"Don't you think you should take a month off after marriage, beta?" Ranvijay's mother asked Kirti Di. 

"You are working in your brother's company, you can go whenever you want." She added seeing confusion plastered on Kirti Di's face. 

"For your information, Mrs. Singh, Singhania corporation does not work like that. If Kirti wants a leave she will be needing permission from HR group as every other employee." Akshay's brusque tone chilling the atmosphere. 

"Anyway, Ranvijay and Kirti Di plan on going to honeymoon 2 months after their marriage, so she can have her leave then. After marriage, it will be not needed." Mila bhabhi tried to lighten the atmosphere. 

"Have you guys plan anything?" I asked them while wiggling my brows at Kirti Di. 

"Sanjana, Akshay and you have also not been on your honeymoon, why don't you guys go together?" Ma asked. 

Her suggestion was not bad but seeing the colour draining away from Ranvijay's face at the thought of being in Akshay's company at his honeymoon made me deny it.  

"Actually, this a good idea but I will not be able to take leave as the leave quota of this year is already exhausted." 

Akshay was as silent as always during whole meal, was it because of the conversation he had with Aahana? 

The dinner was finished without any kind of drama thankfully. 


I was in my room thinking how to breach the topic of Aahana and confront Akshay, when suddenly someone hugged me from behind. 

The feel and comfort of his arms so familiar to me now that I knew in an instant that it was my Akshay and he was so rigid in his hug which shows his distress. 

"Akshay, what's wrong?" I asked him while placing my hand on his. 

"Aahana came to me today." He started but stopped and turned me around to hug me properly. 

"I just don't want to talk about it but since you are my wife you should be aware of what happened." He sighed while kissing my hair. 

Seeing him so distressed diminished all my curiosity and I just hugged him hard. 

"Akshay, I heard." Listening to my confession Akshay tried to get away but I kept hugging him. 

"Ma has asked me to call you downstairs, so I heard last bits of it." - - He tensed even more. - - "Baby, don't worry about it. I am happy that you made it clear to her." 

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