Chapter - 52

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Venice, Italy

Sanjana's POV:

All the 300 guests are in Italy for the high profile wedding of Kirti Singhania. The logistics of the wedding were not at all easy to handle even by the professional event planners as the security professionals got involved but somehow it was managed. 

On top of that Kirti has been in bridezilla mode since last week. I have steered clear of her for the whole time because it is not fun to have a pregnant women and a soon to be bride in one room. When we were together, Akshay has to tear us apart to prevent us from tearing the clothes of each other. 

The thing which I had forgotten was to apply for leave in the office. In last 9 months, I have taken most of my reserved leaves. Atleast, 3 years of work with almost no leave came in handy. I have asked Kirti to remind me to get approval from my senior but she herself has forgotten. It was Ma who reminded me. 

My mother-in-law is just too good to me and I am blessed that my child will grow in her care as well. Ahaana has been too quiet which is either a very good sign or a very bad, there is nothing in between. 

I hope that after seeing the love and trust we have for each other, she may relent. And if that does not happen than I need to vigil till she is in my close vicinity. 

Two strong arms encircled my waist and they are of my husband's. I can sense his presence and touch even in darkness. It just is too familiar, too warm and too him. 

"What is running in this cunning brain of yours?" He asks while softly tapping his head with mine. 

"Nothing important." I mumbled while snuggling deeper into his embrace. 

"Wanna go out before wedding ceremonies commences?" Akshay asks while nuzzling his head in my neck. 

"Only if you will treat me to authentic Italian food." I tried to negotiate because from last week I have been only eating healthy and that too healthiest healthy. 

"Your diet has been too strict past week, so today I can let you have authentic Italian pizza." He agreed. 

"Let's go then." 

"You not going to change?" On his question I glanced down at myself. I was wearing a jeans and a top with sneakers. It was decent. 

"What's wrong with what I am wearing?" I questioned. On my mind, our date will be riding on the boats in Venice. 

"Just put a light jacket on and change your shoes." He grumbled. 

"What wrong with my sneakers?" I glared at him. 

"Baby, teenagers wear these colorful and disformed shoes." 

"Did you just called sneakers disformed?"

"Not sneakers, just your shoes."

"You don't know trends. Your style is just like you boring." 

"It's called classic. But why would you have some knowledge about class? You don't have any connection with it." This time it was a pillow which talked with him and followed by my fist. 

"Calm down, my tiger." He blocked my hits and somehow I was on the bed with him on the top. How that happened I don't know because I was too focused on hitting this jerk. 

"Jerk." I cursed at him. 

"You did not said this last night when I was pleasuring you." The shameless man on top of me has gone insane. Not seeing me responding, he continued "Was not your words something like.."yes baby, give it to me and love you." 

My face was red after hearing his words. Pregannacy messes with you and I just wanted him close to me last night who knew this jerk will take advantage of that as well. 

"Where is roar of tiger now? Will you not speak even when I caress your tender breasts. They are aching, are not they? How about I suck them to relieve you of that ache?" His hand was on the target while his warm breath on my neck was making my skin tingle. 

I so badly wanted him to do what he was saying but we humans have pride and I can't let it go. For now. 

"Should I suck them or massage them?" He seem to be talking to himself but in actual fact he was tormenting me. His finger was playing with my hardened nipple underneath layer of fabric. A moan escaped my mouth. 

"You can't control your body when it comes to me. I will not tease you anymore." And with that he crashed his lips on mine. His hand kneading my breast reliving it of the tender pain. 

"Akshay, we.. are supposed to go out." I somehow managed to force out the words. "Some other time." He mumbled while peppering kisses down my neck and our date which was supposed to be a romantic gateway in Venice was spent in bed in throes of passion and love. 


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