Chapter - 31

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Singhania's Mansion


Akshay's POV:

Why she has to come when I was finally moving on with my wife. Whatever it takes I will make sure that she leaves this place as soon as possible. Even if I have to bring the hellhounds from the hell to get her out of my life, I will gladly do it.

I need to make few things clear to her and I will do it right now.

I asked Alex to call Sanjana and that woman in my office.

Let's get over with this for once and all.

Sanjana's POV:

Now, what has come up? I huffed confusingly while making my way to his office.

The gate to his office was open and standing in front of Akshay was Ahaana who he was ignoring.

"Akshay, you called?" I asked politely. Nowadays, I am becoming too polite just for sake of Akshay. No one else.

"Yes, come take a seat." Akshay offered to me only. He is such a shameless jerk.

"Ahaana, please come and have a seat." I asked her while taking my seat.

"You wanted to discuss something, Akshay?" I asked impatiently when after tolerating 5 mins of agonizing silence.

"Akshay.." when he did not give me any heed, I whined again.

"Baby, just a minute." He casually stated making Ahaana whip her head so fast in my direction that it can cause incurable damage to a normal person. 

She was gazing at me with such disbelief that she can't imaging a celestial being like me has graced this earth with my holy presence. Whatever. 

"I called you both here because I wanted a few things to be made clear to Miss. Goenka and seeing that I used to be in a relationship with Miss. Goenka it is best to have Mrs. Singhania present." Akshay started. He is a man of morals. I gazed at him lovingly. 

"Miss. Goenka, I don't want any trouble for my wife and myself in future, so I will ask you to leave by tomorrow morning." Akshay calmly stated. I take my statement back. Mannerless Jerk.

Yeah, Yeah. I know there is a huge difference between morals and manners but who cares and its not that I am caring about Ahaana, she can go to hell for all I care. No, no that's to harsh. Let me send her to Tuscany. 

"I.. I am here on an invite and I will only leave after Kirti's wedding." She mumbled softly while stuttering. 

"Do I look like I give a damn about invite?" Akshay shouted startling her. 

Till now, I was silent spectator but I cannot rest until I am fallen in pit myself. That has been norm for me lately. 

"Akshay..." I started but stopped when I did not know what to say. Do I favour Ahaana? Never. Not gonna happen. 

"Mrs. Singhania, you were saying?" My mind draw complete blank and I gazed at him with wide eyes. 

"I love you." I blurted out. I ducked my hand and wring my fingers. Dammit! Why have I had to be so foolish? 

My love confession is going to be in history as most stupidest one. I did not dare to gaze up. For the first time in life Sanjana Singhania was nervous. 

"Sanjana, look at me." Akshay sharply asked. When I did not, he shouted "Now." 

And I did glance up to find him standing very close to me.

"You love me?" He questioned. 

"Ha.. Ha.. (I laughed nervously) W..When did I say that? I have so much work to do." With that I made a mad dash to door but before I can succeed in my life goal, I was pulled back harshly in a hard chest. 

My back was to his front and he was hugging me tightly. His nose skimming my neck giving me goosebumps. 

He slowly turned me around and now I was face to face with him. My eyes shut tightly. 

Akshay's POV:

I can never knew that the bold and  outspoken Sanjana can be this shy. 

"Do you love me?" I whispered to her while peppering small kisses on her neck. 

"Ye..Yes." She unconsciously stuttered out. 

I hugged her hard. 

"At this point, I may not love you Sanjana, but I like you a lot and I am very happy that you are my wife." That is my first confession to her ever. 

She nodded her head in understanding but made no move to walk out of my embrace. 

Our moments of pure bliss were disturbed by Alex. I made no move to release Sanjana from my arms. 

At that time I did not that life will throw such obstacles at us that we will be in each other's arm last time. I guess my heart subconsciously realised that. 

"What?" I asked while keeping Sanjana in my arms. There was nothing innocent about the way we were holding each other. 

"Umm... Sir, Miss. Goenka has locked herself in the room." He muttered. 

"Get the spare key and open it." I said while rolling my eyes at his stupidity. 

"About that? Actually, the spare key of that room is damaged. Order for new one has been placed. We will get it tommorrow." He clarified. 

"Do not bother me about such trivial matters from now on." I ordered and keep hugging Sanjana. 

"Akshay, she is a guest here and obviously what happened few minutes before must have upset her. If she do something to herself in our house, the outcome can be drastic for us." Sanjana reasoned while running her hands on my back soothing me. 

"Fine." I agreed and dragged her out while holding her hand in mine. 

My whole family was present in fornt of her room. Drama. I scoffed loudly and Mr. & Mrs. Goenka glared at me. I just rolled my eyes. As if they can say anything to me. 

Sanjana's POV:

"Alex, broke the door. I don't want any tantrums like this from now on. Goenka, if I found any such incident having I will have you all thrown out of my home." Akshay sternly announced. His ruthless persona taking over.

"Sanjana?" My mother whispered while elbowing me in the ribs. 

"Why do I feel like I am scared of my own son-in-law?" She asked. 

I rolled my eyes at her and indicated her to be quiet. 

As soon as door was broken, Akshay started dragging me away. 

"Sanjana & I are going out." He stopped, announced and continued on his way. 


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