Chapter - 41

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

Ma and I are both on our way to Singhania Corporation both for completely different purposes. I am for overseeing the NGO work in capacity of advisor and Ma because Akshay asked her to come. But for what? Nobody knows the answer other than Akshay himself.

I am not able to deal with the curiosity as why Akshay has asked Ma to come to office. Everytime if he has to transfer or register some property on her name, his platoon of lawyers come at home. 

"Alex, why does Akshay wants Ma at office?" I asked him impatiently while gobbling down on a handful of chips. 

"Sanjana, honestly, I myself don't know." Alex murmured while parking the car in the slots reserved for Akshay. 

"Liar." I muttered under my breath and got out of the car. Ma quietly watching me sulk. 

"Even I am not as curious as you are and it concerns me." She commented while scoffing at me. 

"And why is that? Because you will get to know soon and I have to wait till I am done with work." I said while crossing my arms and vigorously pressing the private elevator buttons before Alex can do it. He glanced at me with a look you give a retarded fool on the streets and in response I stick my tongue out at him. 

" Very mature, Sanjana. " He muttered sarcastically. 

I was about to retort when I suddenly felt a wave of dizziness hit me and I almost fell down if Alex had not steadied me. 

"Sanjana, Are you okay?" A frantic Ma asked. 

"Yes, I am okay. It was probably due to elevator's acceleration." I whispered while trying to gain my balance. 

"Sanjana, do you need to sit down?" Ask Alex while stopping the elevator. 

"No, I am okay. Its was just a glitch in my amazing system." I tried to joke while smiling weakly. 

"Sanjana, it's not a time to joke. We need to see a doctor." Ma exclaimed while supporting. 

"I am fine. We both have important works to do. Let's finish that first and if I will not be still feeling well, we can go to the doctor." I said while taking few deep breaths. 

"Okay, if this happens again I don't care if you are in a meeting or not, I am dragging you to hostipal." Ma said while trying to calm herself down. 

"Okay but for now I am fine. Don't overworry yourself otherwise Akshay will kill me." I tried to lighten her up even though I was still a little unsteady. 

"Sanjana you are too much. Even now you are trying ease my worries than worry for yourself." Ma said while hugging me. I hugged her back and whispered a quiet 'I love you' to her. 

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