Chapter - 11

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Singhania Mansion


Akshay's POV:

Why the hell am I suppose to drop her off? Why can't she go by herself? I have noted that she is not that afraid of me as she was initially. She has some kind of admiration or respect for me in her gaze. 

I was planning to leave her here only. So, I quickly got ready and scruff down my breakfast hurriedly. My Mum looked at me as if I am possessed by some food hungry demon. I just ignored her and finished my breakfast.

"I am leaving, Mum." I said and signalled Alex to get the car ready.

"Akshay, don't rush. You have to drop Sanjana as well." My Mum scolded me.

You can't escape your Mum's scolding even if you are The Akshay Singhania.

"Mum, she is not even ready yet. I have an important meeting. I will ask John to drop her off." I exasperatedly explained her.

But she did not seem to be swayed at all. She rolled her eyes at me and asked me to wait.

I nodded dejectedly and waited for Her Highness to grace us with her presence.

She came around 30 minutes later dressed in a navy blue pencil skirt and white blouse with black pencil heels. I can say that she was looking a total professional with pearl studs and a sophisticated bun.

"Mom, I am not waiting for her to finish her breakfast." I sulkily replied.


Sanjana's POV:

Akshay has not gotten over dropping me off. He is still in his sulking mode.

"Baby, you would not want me fainting on you, would you?" I casually questioned him.

"You know you will have to drop me at doctor's as well then." I teased him.

"Ha as if, I will leave you there only." He scoffed.

"Children, cut it off. You are dropping Sanjana and that's final." Ma cut into our banter.

"Only because of you, Mum." Akshay crossed his arm and started tapping his foot impatiently.

I took my time in finishing my breakfast. This seemed to irritate Akshay even more.

By the time, we start it was almost 09:30. I and Akshay sat side by side and I kept poking him now and then.

I know I am playing with beast but it seems to be working in bringing out his emotions so what if it was irritation. We will cross the bridge with time.

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