Chapter - 45

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Singhania's Mansion, 

Mumbai, India

Sanjana's POV:

We will be flying in a few days to Venice for Kirti Di's wedding. It is gonna be one hell of celebration and I am super excited about the same. Tomorrow, we have her bachelorette party planned in Goa. 

Her friends, Mila bhabhi, Geetanjli Bhabhi, that Avantika and I will be flying to Goa today and how e gonna dodge Akshay Singhania is not yet planned but everyone has planned to throw me in the lion's den and I have no plan how I am gonna break the pot in front of the devil. 

The good thing that came out of this bachelorette party planning is that Avantika has accepted that Akshay is a married man and she has stop throwing herself at him but that does not stop her from throwing digs at me. We are like classic high school enemies. 

Anyway back to Akshay, we are supposed to fly for Goa in 5 hours and I do not much time to inform Akshay of our plans if he is not aware of it by yet. 

"What I am going to do?" I groaned out loud. 

"Seduce him." Mila bhabhi non chalantly replied. 

"He is not Ketan bhaiya that you can get away by seducing. He is The Akshay Singhania. If I came back alive after this I will be consider lucky." I explained to all the ladies sprawled in Kirti Di's room. 

"Now you are exaggerating." Avantika snapped. 

"As if. The tantrum he threw when I went to club with Kritika is anything to go by consider your plan failed and if we somehow managed to reach Goa then be ready for a bland bachelorette amidst him and his guards." I exclaimed while throwing the grape I was about to eat on Avantika. 

"I don't care what you do but we need to get away from him and his dogs for bachelorette atleast." Avantika snapped while throwing the grape back at me. 

I was about to give her a befitting reply when a knock stopped me from doing so, so instead snapping at Avantika, I snapped at whoever was at the door. 

"I am sorry to disturb you ladies but Mr. Singhania would like to see Mrs. Singhania and Miss. Singhania in his office." In came Alex and he announced stoically. 

Kirti Di and I glanced at each other in horror. I have planned my escape from this summon of His Highness but I am hesitating in executing the same because if I do that than Kirti Di will have to bear the burn of the wrath of Akshay Singhania. 

Maybe if what I have planned I execute it in front of Akshay we both can get away. This sounds like a nice idea. 

"Sanjana" It was Alex who was waiting for me to lead the pack. I silently got up and prepared myself to face the Akshay Singhania. 

When we reached his office I knocked once and entered without waiting for his permission. Kirti Di followed me and Alex closed the behind us. 

Akshay did not say anything but just kept gazing at impassivley. Kirti Di and I made myself comfortable. After few seconds of silence Akshay decided to break it. "Something you would like to inform me about?" A hint of sarcasm can be detected in his voice. 

"What we would have to inform you?" I said while nervously chuckling. Akshay breathed deeply to control his anger and I nervously wrung my fingers. 

"Sanjana, out with it." Akshay snapped making me jump. Even though I am not afraid of him as much I used to be initially but he terrifies me when he angry now as well. 

"W.. We are planning a bachelorette." I whispered. My voice barely audible to myself. Sanjana, he is your husband. He is not going to eat you. I consoled myself and waited for him to lose him calm which surprisingly did not came. 

"You are not angry?" I questioned after few seconds. 

"Trust me, I am not angry. I am livid." His voice strained due to his effort at controlling his anger and that shut me up. 

"I don't have a problem with you having a party but I do have a problem with you balantly ignoring your own safety. You both are aware of Rakesh being out there yet you have guts to defy the security measures issued for your sake." He gritted out from his clenched teeth. 

"I am sorry." I whispered seeing him so tensed at perspect of either one of us of being hurt. 

"Akshay, we will not go." Kirti Di continued. 

"You can go but arrangements will be done by Alex.Just let him know where you guys want to do and what. You both can leave." He dismissed us with his signature wave of hand and start his working. 

Kirti Di left but I was unable to do so. The amount of pressure he had made me almost cry and the thought me making him worry without any reason cause me a sob to break out. 

Akshay's POV:

Its not that I am against them enjoying. Its juts that I am concerned for their safety and after I have stated what I have to I ask them to leave and continued with my work. 

I glanced up to see Sanjana about to cry. Her tears make me feel weird. There was this weird pain within me when I saw tears in her eyes. What is this feeling? 

I can ponder over it later for now I need to console my crying wife. I got up from my seat and made way to her. 

"Sanjana, come on. I am not angry." I calmly told her while caressing her hair. I have improved at consoling crying women all thanks to Sanjana. Even though she is a strong and independent woman she cries at smallest and most unexpected things. So, I have improved and I am proud of myself. One day I will master the art of consoling women as in future I will have to console my princess. 

Matter at the hand. My brain reminded me to focus on Sanjana for now. So, I left the thoughts of my child for later to ponder on. 

Now, she was full on sobbing. I made her stand up and took in my arms while asking her to calm down. I tried distracting her by peppering kisses on her neck and it worked. It required a hell lot of restraint from stopping myself to go any further. 

I can't tire her out knowing that she is pregnant now. In the morning only I almost was not able to control myself and was a little rough on her. I can't repeat that. 

"You did not got angry at us?" Sanjana questioned after a beat. 

"I was angry. I just controlled it better than other days. We are going to be parents, baby. Obviously, I need to tone down my anger and you being impulsive." I explained. 

"I am not impulsive." She muttered petulantly. 

"Oh believe me baby, you are. You are impulsive in your personal life. In your professional life you are not impulsive at all. You can learn from that side of yourself." I reasoned. 

"Okay, boss. Thank you for letting us go and sorry to make you worry unnecessarily." She apologies while kissing me on the cheek. 

It does not matter as long as you understand that what I do is for your safety. I though to myself and promised myself not to let any harm come to Sanjana and my family at any cost. 


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