Chapter - 43

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Singhania Mansion

Mumbai, India

Sanjana's POV:

I am at home and everybody is busy pampering me and I am loving every second of it. Akshay has promised to come home early. It has been a hour and I want him with me. I took my phone out and called him. 

He did not answered. I frowned at my phone, threw it on the sofa nearby and left to scout the kitchen for every eatable available there. Are all the pregnant women like me? Eating whenever they feel hungry, sad or any other emotion. I guess not. I need to be on healthy diet for the baby. 

I was mad as hell now and why was I mad, the reason is unknown to myself but mostly it was because of Akshay. I was rushing down the stairs when my mother and mother-in-law both shouted at the top of their voices. "Sanjana! Maneuver the stairs carefully." How do they know without even looking. They are sitting on the sofa facing the direction opposite to the stairs. 

"Jeez. I am slowing down." I shouted and carefully made my way downstairs and then to kitchen. I grabbed some fruits--kiwis, dragonfruit and grapes. Prepared myself a bowl of fruit salad and since I am eating healthy I need compensation for it, so I took doritos and frozen salsa. For drink, I picked some packed banana shake. 

I deposited myself on the kitchen counter and started munching on oh so delicious doritos with raw mango salsa. In between I popped a fruit piece or two in my mouth. And while I was in midway of stuffing my mouth that wicked witch of west announced her presence. 

"So, I heard you are pregnant." She said bitterly while helping herself with a glass of water. Which I know she is drinking to diffuse the burning fire of jealousy. 

"Hmm. I am." I said while drinking my banana shake. It was delicious. 

"Why am I not surprised? A gold-digger like you would want to bind Akshay forever." Bitch. 

"I am not you darling. So, don't use the words reserved for you on me." I responded to her cruel taunt and carefully got down from the counter. 

"Anyway I am leaving, this much negativity is not good for my baby." I haughtily replied and turned to leave when I was pushed from behind. 

My heart leapt in my mouth. My one hand automatically wrapped around my stomach and another holding on to the counter to prevent myself from falling. 

First hit the fear for the safety of my baby. After a few moments, I realised that the baby was not hurt in anyway. But the same can not be said for me. My elbow was injured as it hit the counter. It was paining a lot but my mind was not on the pain. The fear that I was feeling was replaced by anger. My blood was boiling and it will be diffused only when I will spill the blood of this bitch who tried to harm my baby. 

She can say anything to me, I will only resort to verbal argument but she has crossed the limit when she tried to harm my baby. I composed myself turned towards her and slapped her hard. 

"This is only a trailer of what I can do. Try to harm my baby another time and I will dig your grave with my own hands." I whispered to her menacingly. I myself was terrified by how violent and gruesome I sounded. I can see that she was petrified but tried to hide it in vain. I continued "I am warning you Ahaana, stay away from me otherwise I will destroy you." I glared at her one last time and grabbed my banana shake before leaving the kitchen. 

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