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Singhania's Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

I was still standing in my position when the security guards entered.

"Mrs. Singhania? You alright?" Enquired Alex.

"Perfectly Fine." I breathed out with an exaggrated smile. He looked at me weirdly but did not enquired, just nodded at me.

I was back in our room working on some files related to the tenders the government have to approve when Akshay barged in. The effect his presence has on me is increasing . I love him and there is this developing sexual tension between us.

I glanced at him and found him undressing his office clothes. He usually do this in closet, then why here today? I thought to myself but was distracted by his chiseled torso. I gulped inaudibly. My eyes involuntarily roamed across his body.

He was about to unzip his slacks when his gaze met mine. My eyes widened on being caught. He unzipped his zipper but left his slacks on. He was barefooted as well. I again invisibly gulped seeing him like this. This is for the first time me seeing a half-naked man and not any man but my husband undressing, it was appealing.

He made his way to where I was sitting. I whispered his name and he whisphered mine. He leaned on to me making me press against sofa. His hand made his way to my bare waist causing me to shiver. He slowly caressed my waist and nuzzled his head in my neck and started peppering feather light kisses.

"Sanjana?" He whisphered in my neck.

"Hmm." I hummed enjoying the senastion of his lips on my body.

"You need to accompany Kirti to office for his first day of work." He told me. I was not in a state to comprehend what he said, so I just agreed with him.

He abruptly lifted his and gazed into my eyes.

"9:00 a.m, sharp." He told me and kissed me on my forehead and left. Leaving me feeling like a stupid. He came out wearing a dark grey pajamas pants.

I gathered the courage. "You cannot come close to me and make me agree to everything you want." I gulped fast when his head snapped to my direction faster than a nanosecond.

"Are you sure, I cannot?" He mocked me.

"Yes." I told him stubbornly after a few seconds.

"Let's test this." With that he came towards me so fast that I was not able to comprehend what was happening.

One second I was standing casually and next I was pinned to the wall with my husband's lips on mine and his hands discovering my feminine assests.

He was kissing and I was standing like a statue not knowing what to do as it was my second kiss. After a few seconds, I hesistanly moved my lips with his. He was nibling and sucking my lips with his. He ever so softly bitted my lower lip and then soothed me with his tongue.

So, I did the same to him. This seems to frustate him, so he squeezed my breast hard to make me gasp and his tongue delved in my mouth.

I ever so softly roamed my hand on his shoulder. He lips left mine.

"You sure baby, I can't get anything I want done by this." I just stared at him not able to think clearly.

"The effect I have on you is magical." And with that he kissed my lips briefly and left the room.

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