Chapter - 22

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

Akshay has recovered from his sickness and he also won the challange of being cute. When the dinner was held as planned next week. He somehow manipulated me in admitting him being cute.

But what can I say in my defence? He was cute through out whole week and now he is back to his normal self - the usual rude, cold and arrogant.

Nowadays, my office schedule is too hectic. I have to go on frequent sites visits on Mr. Dhananjay's factory and Akshay was also busy in his business life. 

And that Nivaana was always around when Akshay and I got some time alone to spend. I hate her. If she one more time be a third-wheel between us, I am gonna throw her from the terrace of mansion.

I am at home today and I am waiting for His Highness to arrive. It is around 2:00 in afternoon and Akshay still has not arrived. When I asked him in the morning he has said that he will be done with his meetings by 1:30. 

I am going through some silly magazine when Nivaana comes to the living room. I ignore her and continue reading my magazine. 

"You waiting for Akshay?" She asks.

"No, for some ghost I have invited for lunch." I sarcastically snap at her. 

She rolled her eyes. "Akshay and I had planned to go together for our college reunion next week." She tries to rile me up and succeeded. If I am allowed one murder than it will be hers.

"I have ignored all your antics till now only because you are Akshay's friend and guest in our home. Next time cross the line of friendship and I will not hesistate in showing you out." I said glaring at her.

"Oh really? You are going to throw me out. Reality check. Not happening babe and one way or another Akshay is going to be mine." Now, she has openly challenged me and I am not going to leave her. Now, she is going to see the power of woman in love and a jealous wife.

"Akshay can never be your because he is already mine and keep dreaming because dreams are illusions never reality. And one more thing today I will show you he is mine." I say while standing up and going to entrance because Akshay has arrived.

I stood in front of him and kissed him smack on his lips not caring about his guards and that bitch. First, he was a little startled of this unexpected assault from his wife but later he also kissed me back.

I part away and try to move out of his embrace when he suddenly pulls me back and kissed me once again. By now, his guards have left and if I am not wrong that shameless girl will be watching us with her jaw dropped on floor.

"What a nice surprise, Mrs. Singhania." Akshay murmured while peppering kisses on my neck. I slowly pull him away and gaze into his eyes.

"Get ready. I am taking you out today." I say while wiping lipstick from his face.

"Are you ordering me, Mrs. Singhania?" He asks a little sternly but amusement in his eyes cannot be missed.

"Nope, I am asking you out. Will you go on a date with me, Mr. Singhania?" I asks while lossening his tie a little.

"Sure. Let's go." He says while holding my waist and going towards our room, when suddenly Nivaana appeared out of nowhere.

"Akshay, you remember we have planned our outing." Why she have to ruin everything.

"Some other time. I and Sanjana are going out for like first time after our marriage." He says casually dismissing her.

Time like this I want to smother him in love and kisses.

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