Chapter - 24

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Singhania Mansion

Sanjana's POV:

What is going on in my life is out of my comprehensive abilities even after I consider myself someone with much mental capacity to not get lost in a trail of unsolved tactics.

But the happenings of last few days have led me to think the opposite. Nobody is telling me who is Ritesh Dhananjay and how he is related to this family? And, all this happened on the order of one and only His Highness.

"Its better for her if she does not know. The more she is dragged in this mess, the more complications." I was mimicking him when he came to our room.

"What's going on in here?" He asks.

"None of your business." I rudely states.

"Whatever happens in this house is my business and you are not involved in it because it's safer that way." He growls out frustated.

"I can take care of myself very well. I don't need you babysitting me." I shouted at him.

"No need for shouting. If you can't get to understand a simple fucking logic not my problem. And I am warning you if I finds out that you are digging information again I swear Sanjana, I am gonna throw you out of the house." He asserts and left from there.

How dare he? Its my house as well and as if he can throw me out of my house. I thought scowling to myself.

I decided to ask Ma that why he is so adamant on me not knowing about Ritesh Dhananjay and his connection to Singhania family. I arrives at her room and find Ma sitting alone and deep in her thoughts.

"Ma, Are you fine?" I asks her concerned.

"I am fine, Sanjana. Do you want something?" She asks.

"Yes, I want to know why Akshay does not want me to know about Ritesh Dhananjay." I responded pouting like a spoilt child.

"Look, whatever Akshay does he have a reason behind it and whenever time will come he will tell you everything by himself." She tries to coax me.

"But why not now?" I complained.

"Because its safer that way. He cares for you Sanjana and he does not want you involved in all this." She tries to make me understand.

"We are married and being in marital relation does not only mean sharing happiness, joys of each other but burdens and sorrows as well." I try using our marital vows as weapon.

"Yes you are right. And Akshay is near that point where he will starting sharing everything with you. You need to understand that you are in Akshay's confidence but he does not fully trust you because of his past. The day he will trust will be the day you will know everything about him and this family. It is upto you how quickly you gain his trust and you cannot do that by defying him at every point. You need to learn to agree with when he is right." She advises.

"Ok, I will see what I can do." I agree half-heartedly.

Akshay Singhania- The enigma. I will know you fully one day and that will be soon.

My office work is also on halt. I was informed this morning that I am given a leave for a month for my extraordinary work. 

There was nothing extra ordinary about my work post-marriage. I had only helped one NGO by going out of the way. Why do I feel that my sweet husband has something to with this. I thought sarcastically and bitterly.

Now, I am not going to sit quiet. I can tolerate him trying to keep me out of matters concerning our family but not interfaring with my work.

I snatchs the car keys from a guard outside and droved his newly bought Ferrari to his office. I am so fucking livid. How dare he? Who does he think he is?

I arrives at his office and left the car infront of the building without caring to take keys out or to shut the window. I reached on his floor and without knocking entered his office. He is with Alex. Sometimes, I feel that he is married to Alex not me.

"I want to talk to you, now." I states in my no-nonsense tone. Akshay asks Alex to leave. While he is leaving I glared daggers at him.

"What's the matter with you?" He asks boredly running a hand through his hair. This made me more mad.

"You have audacity to ask what's matter with me after what you have done?" I asks enraged.

"Don't shout and do pray, tell me what I have done?" He asks non-chalantly.

"You don't want me getting involved with our family matters. Fine, but how dare you to intefare in my professional life?" I shouted. By now he was also angry, he stands up and comes in front of me and held me by my arms. "You want to know that why I interfared, because I care for you dammit." He shouted. His hold tightening on my arms.

His confession left me speechless. It is first time he has admitted it out loud. I stand there motionless gazing in the eyes of the man I love. His eyes conveying what he has not. 

And this time he kissed me with all the softness he can muster. This was not a kiss of passion and lust. It was a gentle kiss of care. 

I kissed him back with all my love for him. After what feels like an eternity he broke the kiss and gently hugged me.

"I am sorry, Akshay." I muttered feeling guilty of giving him unnecessary tension from past few days.

"Its okay, baby. You will know all you wants to know when time will come. Till then, have patience." He mutters breaking the hug.

"Patience, I can deal with." I states smiling.

"Now, you want to go home or stay here?" He asks.

"Stay here." I answers without taking a second.

"Be my guest." With that, he returned to his work and I to my thoughts.

Akshay Singhania has again shown me a different shade of himself today. How am I going to decipher this enigma? Maybe one day, with his help. I smiled to myself thinking it.


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