Chapter - 30

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Singhania Mansion


General's POV:

Seeing his mother's scared face Akshay controlled his flaring temper. 

"What is she doing here?" He asked in a restrained but calm voice.

"She is coming with her father and mother. They are here for Kirti's marriage." Nilanjla hurriedly explained. 

"I see." Akshay nodded. 

"Send Sanjana in." Askhay asked his mother. 

Nilanjla left from the office and asked Sanjana to see Akshay. 

"Akshay, what is it?" Sanjana asked while closing the door on her back. 

"Sanjana, Mr. & Mrs. Goenka will be here today along with their daughter. I would like you to make their stay comfortable. Additionally, keep distance from Ahaana." Akshay breifed Sanjana. 

"May I ask why?" Asked Sanjana. 

"You can. She has been my girlfriend at one point in my life. " Akshay muttered dryly. 

"Then why the hell is she coming here?" Sanjana asked while trying to control her rising anger. 

"Because her parents are good friends with mine and they are here for Kirti's wedding. Is that reason good enough for you?" Asked Akshay while cursing. 

"Why are you so angry? Which wife is going to welcome her husband's ex-girlfriend with open arms?" Asked Sanjana sarcastically. 

"The wife of Akshay Singhania is going to do it." Akshay replied non-chalantly. 

"Akshay...." Sanjana started but was interrupted by Akshay "With Rakesh being out there too much is already on stake. Just don't add on my problems and its not like we are going to get back together ever. I would not even like to be in same building as her."

Akshay at that point himself did not know that he will be contradicting his own words in coming days. 

"Okay, I will make necessary arrangements." Sanjana agreed and left to do her assigned task by His Highness. 


Sanjana's POV:

No wife in this world is luckier than me. I am getting to welcome my husband's ex-girlfriend. Sanjan thought to herself sarcastically. 

"Sanjana, is everything ready?" Nilanjla asked while adjusting the pallu of her saree. 

"Yes." Sanjana muttered.

Just after a few moments, a helper came escorting Mr. & Mrs. Goenka. 

"Welcome, Nihar & Vaidhavi." MummyJi greeted while gesturing them to take a seat. 

I left to bring refreshments for them when I heard Ma asks "Where is Ahaana?" 

"She is helping helpers to get her luggage." Mrs. Goenka responded calmbly and humbly. 

Ahaana seems like a nice girl. I should not hold grudges against her just because she is an ex-girlfriend of Akshay. 

I brought all the refreshments and start handing them over. 

"Nihar, Vaid.. meet Sanjana, IAS officer and Akshay's wife." MA introduced us. 

I politely greeted them and was about to take my seat when suddenly Mrs. Goenka exclaimed "Here is Ahaana." 

She is not what I expected her to be. She is wearing an elegant knee length cream dress along with black pumps. Her hair in a sophisticated bun and pearls are shining in her ears. 

She is so well put together that even the goddess will envy. Nodoubt she was THE AKSHAY SINGHANIA'S girlfriend. I have to give it to my husband that he has amazing taste. 

"Sanjana?" Ma called out breaking my train of thoughts. 

"Meet Ahaana, she works at BelieveGreen." She introduced us. 

"Hello Ahaana?" I politely greeted. 

"Sanjana." She nodded back. Suddenly something else has her attention. I glanced backwards and found Akshay 

descending down the stairs dressed in metallic grey Armani suit and black shirt. His phone attached to his ear as he barked orders at some poor soul. 

All the brownie points this Ahaana has earned vanished as soon as she get starstrucked by my husband. 

When he came to living room and started leaving without even noticing his surrounding, Ma interrupted "Where are you going?" 

"Office." Akshay muttered while fetching his phone away from his ear. 

"Its Sunday and we have guests. Ask your executives to attend it." Ma ordered. 

Akshay hummed and continued to talk for few seconds on phone before hanging up. He nodded at Mr. & Mrs. Goenka. 

"Sanjana, I would like to have lunch." He ordered while glancing at me. 

"Yeah Sure, let me set table then we all can have our lunch." I politely replied. 

"Set for me in our room." Akshay muttered before going upstairs. 

"Okay." I whispered to myself. 

I set lunch for everyone in dining room and took Akshay and my lunch to our room. 

"Why did not you have your lunch downstairs?" I asked Akshay after finishing food. 

"Because I do not want to be in the presence of some bitch." Akshay replied and a sound of glass shattering was heard at entrance of room. 

Seeing her standing there Akshay shouted loudly "Alex." 

Alex came running and stood at threshold of room. He took a second to compose himself and asked "Sir?" 

"Get it cleaned and I want you to issue the security confinements to Mum's guest." Akshay commanded and left to change. 

By now Ahaana and tears in her eyes and she ran off. Alex nodded to me and left while muttering something to himself. A helper came cleaned the floor and collected the dishes and left. 

Akshay came out from his closet dressed only in pajyama bottoms. He very rarely wears shirt when he is our room. 

"Akshay?" I asked when he settled in bed for what seems like to be a nap. 


"What's wrong?" I asked softly while caressing his head. 

"Nothing, just some painful memories of past sprang up." He replied while closing his eyes. 

What has happened that has left such an impact on him? I thought to myself. Maybe I should ask him. No, that will just cause chaos. Control your curiosity, Sanjana. When he will be ready he will tell you. 

How would I have known that I will not get the chance of him telling me all about this himself? 

The upcoming days will turn out to be royally devastating for me. The course if our lives, to view this world and everything we are today will change in a blink of an eye? 

How would have I known in that moment that I can also be weak because of restraints of my love? 


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