Eren x reader x levi. Part 1

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Where was I...?

Was I falling?

Black, darkness... Oblivion...

Was I dying? Was this the end? Was this all that I've lived up to? To just float in oblivion for the rest of my life?

Was I ready? I had so much more to offer, so much more to live for.. So many more words to say, I guess this is it...



"Argh, why is it so fucking cold?" I snarled, I rubbed my eyes, the blurry vision clearing, I felt the world under me, grass tickled my whole body, I looked around at gawking faces.

W-where am i?

"What are you doing here?!" A person yelled huskily, they were dressed funny, two people staring at me up and down, they were draped in a green silk hoody.

I frowned at them confused, a metal like figure clung to them in countless straps, steel like eyes next to emerald ones stared at me awaiting for an answer.

Brown hair... Black hair... Steel eyes... Emerald eyes...

Where was I?

I looked around, drops of rain dripped down my bare body, dirt stained skin, goose bumps that spread across my skin.

"Where... Am I?" I asked staring at them, they were taken aback for a moment but the raven haired man glared at me,"who the fuck are you?! What are you doing outside the walls during a expedition?! HOW DID YOU GET HERE?!" He yelled, I flinched under his tone.

"walls?! What are you taking about-" I looked down to see myself bare, i gasped and covered myself as best I could,"h--hey!! Did you strip me?!! Please..!! D--don't.." I stated crawling back away from them,"hey.. Calm down we're not gonna hurt you.." The brown haired boy who looked slightly younger than the other slowly stepped forward.

"Just tell us how you got here." He hushed taking off his hoody like clothing, I widened my eyes until I realised he was giving it to me.

"Eh.. Um.. I--I don't really know actually.. I--I just woke up and.. Yeah.." I looked down clutching the green fabric, the raven haired male frowned and stepped forward,"what the hell?! Do you think this is some kind of joke?! You could of died to the titans!" He yelled once again.

I frowned as well steadily standing up, gripping the green fabric to keep myself from slapping the rude male,"what are you talking about?! What are you, high?! I told you I don't know where the fuck I am! I don't understand what your talking about!" I snapped back, now that I stood up and got a better look at the two the raven haired male was quite short, he was about the same height as I was.

He got closer to me his face fuming with anger, eye brows scrunched together in pure rage and mouth formed into a scowl, his gaze was most certainly frightening, I leaned back a little scared.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?" He growled lowly, his bangs covering his his eyes,"h-heichou, please calm down.. She might have memory loss .." The brown haired male tried to calm him down though he looked terrified himself.

The raven haired male clicked his tongue and placed his hands on his hips in a thinking manner, he growled and snapped his head from the ground to you, you jumped a little under his cold stare.

He roughly grabbed your arm and heaved you forward not a word slipped from his mouth.

"H--hey! The fuck do you think your doing you leprechaun!" I retorted trying to pry off his iron grip that was clamped on your shoulder.

His brows knitted the more you tried holding up the jacket with the other hand that was kept captive of him.

"Shut up before you shit yourself brat, Fucking hell do you ever stop talking!" He yelled glancing at you.

"I'm sorry" you said sarcastically,"but I don't know about you, but I don't think I'm going to let a short man and his bitch drag me to his rape dungeon!" I retorted struggling while he walked in the muddy rain, he came to a stop and snapped his head to me.

My eyes widened, had I gone too far?

"The fuck did you just say to me?" He growled, you coward down,"u--uhm...-"

"Levi!" A rough deep voice called from behind the short man, the man took one last stern glare at me before gripping me tightly and turning forward to the voice.

There, a man on a white stallion sat on his horse, he looked to be tall and well built, he had blond slick hair and really big eyebrows, his eyes were a sky blue but they were just as menacing as the short mans.

He eyed me suspiciously before turning back to the man who gripped me, he seemed to never let go.

"We're retreating." He said plainly before turning on his horse and galloping away, the mud under him splashed, getting a speck of mud on the short mans leather boots.

The man looked horrified and clicked his tongue once again, I just stood curiously, he turned towards me a grim look plastered on his face,"your fucking lucky we have to leave now, don't ever, comment about my height." I nodded quickly, I can't believe I'm obeying.

He started to walk again, long strides, the brown haired boy behind us.

We stopped at a place with two horses, one black and the other dark brown, the man launched me on the black one, "w-wait! What are you doing?! Can't we just walk back to wherever we're going?!" I asked worriedly, he seemed to ignore me and heaved himself on the horse.

I felt uncomfortable and started to adjust myself on the horse,"will you stop fucking moving?" The man in front of me snarled, I sighed and obliged.

He started to gallop the boy closely behind us,"we should hurry and catch up heichou" the brown hairs make commented. "Wait what?!" But I t was too late, he started to ride faster quickly coming to a clearing, I gawked at the huge wall, and hundreds of other people who was here.

"What the fuck..?" I whispered to myself so confused on what was happening, is this a dream? Nightmare??

I saw the man from earlier in front of the crowd of people,"open the gates!" He ordered, soon a gate heaved up slowly, I watched in silence feeling stares burning all over me, I just gripped the soft fabric that was the only thin clothe that separated me from being naked.

When the gate was fully open the heads slowly started to move forward, behind the large wall was a huge city middle aged style, mouths open as they stared at me. I tightened the cloth that was around me nervously feeling anxiety at all the staring faces.

I listened carefully at the whispers but couldn't make out what it was they were saying.


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