Reiner x short reader

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Everyone knew about your crush for Reiner, except of course, Reiner himself.

You just as short as levi which made Reiner and bert to tower over you.

Although the large height difference didn't seem to bother him you always dreamed of becoming at least a little bit taller.

You had always been short and that blew a large hole in your self esteem. You always just thought, when I become tall, I'll defiantly have the courage to tell Reiner how I feel!

You were walking the halls at midnight for a small snack, passing the dorms quietly you swiftly left to the kitchen.

Since you were so short and lacked your ability in strength and muscle, this made you extremely great at the manoeuvre gear and agility.

As sneaky as the cockroaches that roamed the streets of the underground you reached the kitchen.

A step of the floor boards gave a loud long creaking sound that made you internally cringe.

Ears perking up to listen to any other sounds of movements but you had heard nothing. Counting to thirty you sighed at your over thinking nature and went to reach the cupboard.

One problem. You were, very, very short. Curse your growing hormones lack of work.

With a heavy sigh you search around for a stool of some sort. I'm sure the corporal has one, I mean. There's no way he reaches without help right?

When your fruitless attempts failed you all hope was lost.

A loud grumbling filled he room and stifled laughs filled you, being your nature you were childish at heart. Hiding it was never your forte.

Shaking your head with a cheeky smile you looked up at the cupboard in determination.

A low growl escaped you and you nodded to yourself going over the plans.

Stealth and agility, there was no way it could fail you now.

Slowly with a low creak of the floor boards as you reached up you stepped onto the counter bare feet sweating at this point.

Crouching you reached for it, just a little more...



A rustle behind you distracted you and with an idiotic attempt you looked back and lost balance.

A soft squeak left your mouth as you started to fall back.

Buckling your legs you braced for impact, but it was much softer then expected.

Looking up with wide eyes you stared back at wide light brown ones.

Mouth slightly parted as you stared back, he gently placed you back down.

"R-Reiner..." You whispered in a soft tone. Just realising you became as red as a rose.

"Y/n, it's late what are you doing up?" He asked, sighing you looked down at the floor boards.

He rolled his eyes and pulled you into a tight hug. The little muscles you had tensed in his strangely gentle touch.

Softly he stroked your hair and with a soft gruff voice with a smile he said,"you could've gotten hurt."


Sorry if his OOC, I don't know much about his character so it was pretty difficult to do this. I also couldn't put a picture there because I don't have any of him and internet is slower than your grandmas turtle.

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