Cheesy!jean x reader. Pickup lines

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It takes only one glance to know someone's in love.


There were many qualities school had that would make you hate it.

School work , teachers, studying and homework.

But there was one that ruled over all those factors.

Jean. He was (unfortunately) in your class. Everyday he would spurt out all these cheesy pick up lines.

Sitting alone at lunch since mikasa had a date with eren. You were reading. Peacefully might you add.

Suddenly feeling a shift by your side. You averted your eyes slightly startled.

Of course, out of all the seven billion people it could be it was him. Jean.

"Okay. What's it today?" You asked slightly interested. You wouldn't admit it, but really deep down-and I mean really deep down, you liked him. Your heart would skip beats around him and you would blush furiously at the rare good pick up lines he would make. You were aware of these feelings but refused to admit it. Even to yourself.

"Alright, here's a good one." You were both laying in the plush green grass. He had his hands behind his head as a somewhat pillow.

"I'm not a photographer. But I can picture you and me together." He grinned. You stifled a laugh and gripped the book you held in your hands tightly.

Failing once he faced you questioning your silence.

You howled out laughing. He grinned at this.

"HAHAHA, SERIOUSLY?" You wiped away tears. Mustering up little courage you had and with a smirk, you let go of the book and turned to him.

With quick movements you startled him by straddling his waist and caging him in your arms.

His cheeks flared up immensely with his mouth slightly parted.

But before he could question your sudden actions, you leaned towards his ear and whispered.

"Are you a campfire because your smoking hot and I want s'more."

Winking you got up swiftly picking up your book and strutting out quietly.


This was short but it's so cute. I came up with this because there's this guy in my class who always does these pick up lines to me

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