Armin x reader: flirting lessons.

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"S-so... Um... Your really, nice?" He asked confused looking up at the girl . She looked just as confused as him.

She awkwardly shifted her eyes away,"um, thanks." She replied. Armin face palmed and walked away back to you.

"It's no use y/n! I'll never be good at this." He growled to himself a blush covering his cheeks.

You slapped his shoulder playfully,"no, all you need is a little practice armin. Why don't you practice on me?" You asked smiling warmly.

His blush darkened and beads of sweat started to form on his forehead, he tugged at the strings if golden hair and looked up at you.

Gosh he was so cute, big blue eyes meeting e/c ones. A small smile, round face, neat blonde hair, and perfect pale skin dusted with red.

"O-o-okay t-then." He stuttered,"here armin I'll give you a tip. Eye contact and try not to stutter." You advised, he looked up and his eyes locked on yours, he gulped down his nervousness and kept his eyes trained on yours.

"Then, while talking, slowly lean forward and touch the shoulder slightly. Giving the signal." You muttered slowly leaning forward and touching his shoulder lightly.

His blush deepened immensely. He leaned in closer closing his eyes slowly. With shaky hands you let go of his shoulder and blew his mouth.

His eyes snapped open and a gasp slipped from his mouth.

A wide smirk made it's way to your mouth and your eyes shimmered, you stuck your tongue out at him and with a cheeky filled voice you said.

"Maybe I'll show you more advanced things later."



Hehe, it's short but I didn't know how to continue it lol.

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