Child eren x child reader

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"Love can be the best thing in the world. Or the worst. There's no in-between."

"Bored! Bored, bored bored bored Boooored! Papa! y/n bored!" You complained.

Father stirred the fry pan around and twitched in anger listening to your pleads.

The raven haired man shifted to turn to your petit figure sitting on the kitchen counter, legs swinging back and fourth.

"Why don't you just go play outside." He groaned, you rolled your big e/c eyes.

"But I did that yesterday!" You huffed, he groaned in annoyance while you hopped off the counter and clung to his leg like a koala.

"Papa! Papa play with y/n! Y/n is bored!" You pleaded. He softly tried to shrug you off his leg.

He sighed in defeat and turned off the stove and picked you up into his arms.

You gazed up at his soft face playing with his cheeks while his stoic expression remained the same as always.

"Papa doesn't smile much, y/n is... Is..." You struggled to find the words to fit the expression.

"Confused?" He filled in with a smile gazing down at your cute face.

You pinched his cheeks and grinned, nodding your head up and down,"comfubled!" You laughed.

He sighed and opened the door grabbing his keys. He shifted your small body to hold on one arm and shut the door behind him locking it.

"Y/n thinks it's sunny today papa!" You grinned while he trudged towards the park.

He nodded his under cut hair style bobbing at his actions,"it is, isn't it?" He smiled down at your glistening eyes.

He kissed your forehead and walked to the park.

The trip was filled with laughter and small chatter.

When the both of you arrived at the park levi wasn't surprised to find Carla there.

She was an older women with a son that you had never met, before he had you the both of them often exchanged conversation about cleaning products.

He saw her son eren running around the park doing all sorts of activities while the mother watching him with a soft smile on her lips.

The bell the clung to your neck jingled while levi went to place you down and sat at the bench.

You stared up at him awaiting for approval.

He smiled down at you and patted your soft velvety h/c hair and nodded,"well, go on then."

You cheered and hopped of the bench running towards the dirty brown haired boy.

The boy had lightly tanned skin that was lightly smudged with dirt and teal eyes with messy brown hair.

He looked up at you from the sand pit, his real eyes glazing with interest.

Your bubbling giggles erupted at his dirty face, you weren't used to seeing dirty things since father kept you so clean.

"Why are you wearing a bell!!" He asked curiously pointing a sandy finger at your neck.

Your head shifted down to look at the bell and your thoughts trailed back to yesterday's events.

Papa bought you a chocolate bunny and it had a bell tightly wrapped around its small neck.

You irritated him pleading to wrap it around you because you had saw a cat a few days prier with a bell and you wanted to play pretend.

"That's because I'm a cat!" You announced proudly,"a cat?" The boy mumbled looking up at your standing figure with curious big eyes.

"That's right!" You grinned a toothy grin,"if your a cat! Prove it!" He grumbled crossing his arms unconvinced.

You bent down to your all fours and started prancing around purring out 'meows'.

"Waah! You are a cat !" The boy grinned in awe,"me me! I wanna be a cat!" He grinned kneeling down on all fours and following your lead.

The both of you pranced around making cat noises with bubbling laughter.


"Do you remember that eren?" You asked the man in front of you with a small smile, he rolled his eyes remembering the embarrassing time.

"Ugh, don't remind me y/n" he groaned and swooped down to kiss you.


Aye? That was super weird, in wearing a bell so I was like... Yeah.

Next is gonna be.

Stranger levi x stranger reader.

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