Levi x deaf reader.

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It all happened in slow motion. The world crashed around you, a bang filling your ears. Blood shot through you and your vision blurred.

It all happened so fast.

-a day earlier-

Levi and you were huddled close together, tomorrow you two would be embarking in another expedition and you wanted to spend as much time together as you could.

Arms wrapped around each other in a tight embraced, soft covers covered you both.

His hair slightly covered his eyes, his eyes. God.

"I love you." He whispered, you loved his voice most. With others it sounded emotionless, but with you, if was beautiful.

A melody you would never get bored of, a sound that always thrilled you. A voice that made you weak to the knees.

You leaned over to kiss him, each touch sending chills through out your whole body.

You would never leave him for the world.

You circles at his back, a smile plastered on your lips.

His eyes shut,"I love you so much levi." The smallest of smiles tugged his lips.

You cuddled closer to his bare chest, wanting to never leave his warmth.

Skin on skin, touch to touch. It was beautiful.

-- the next --

Tightening your straps and securing your 3DMG, today you were going to another lousy expedition.

For the good of mankind blah blah blah.

Glancing over at levi, his face etched with annoyance. He wanted none of it this morning.

You knew he was worried, he was worried that he would lose you, just like he was every other day.

You were worried too, you worried worried you would lose him.

Every single day you worried, and for good reason.

Filling up your tank, you clinked it and heaved a heavy sigh. Every day, was a hassle.

Why couldn't things be more peaceful? Why did titans have to exist? Why could you and levi live outside these god forsaken walls?

You shuffled to your brown hairs horse, he had sharp green eyes and he was lovely.

Mounting him you readied yourself for the ride, looking over at levi he nodded.

Keep the brat safe, that was the plan.


Three titans at all sides, we were in an open field so this was going to be difficult.

"Captain! Orders?!" You asked looked to levi,"y/n, take that one out, the rest protect eren. I'll take the other two out."

You gazed at him worriedly, and with a shaky nod you rode over to the titan with a determined gaze.

"Come over here you ugly fuck!" You yelled as it slowly made it's way over to you, dismounting your horse you shot yourself up to the titan.

Swiftly rolling around to its nape, you yelled,"WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!"

"Y/N! Watch out there's an abnormal!" Levi's sweet voice filled you, and with foolish reflexes you looked back.

The titan slammed it's hand at its nape, you jerked your head to the side at its impact, falling to the ground.

A high ringing sound throbbed your ears, over the ringing sound was shouting.

Lots and lots of shouting, you heard faint sounds of gas at a large object falling to ground.

In tired attempts, you felt the ground under your check, body limp and tired.

Eyes slowly starting to close,"y/n! PLEASE! DONT LEAVE ME! STAY AWAKE" it repeated.

Stay awake.



What's happening? It happened too fast.

Levi.. I'm sleepy...

Damn ringing.

--few days after--

-Third persons POV-

"What's wrong with her?" Levi barked at the doctor who plastered a sad face.

Levi was worried, levi was scared and most of all levi was angry.

He was angry at himself, angry that he didn't kill quick enough, angry that he couldn't save you, angry that now you had to suffer because of his idiocy.

"I'm afraid she can no longer hear." He sighed, looking down. "I'm sorry levi."

Levi shattered, he looked over at you staring out the window, watching the trickles of rain.

The doctor let closing the door behind him.

Levi walked towards her and place da gentle hand on your shoulder, you broke into sobs, crying.

He wrapped his arms around you, wiping away the tears. He picked up a pen and paper, writing down in his cursive hand writing, and turned it towards you.

'I still love you'

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